Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Product Review: Daily Goodie Box- July

The Daily Goodie Box has been around since about July of 2016. I signed up for an account right after I heard about them. They are 100% free, you don't even have to pay for shipping. And for a free box it's a nice sampler box of products.

What was in the box?

Tranquini - Wellness Drink-  I had the hibiscus flavored drink and it was good. I would drink this again. 

RareEssence - Stress Relief Roll-on Oil- You're supposed to rub this on your pulse points and the scent is supposed to relax you. The scent was nice but when I want to relax I like an ocean scent. But this does have a nice scent.

Artisana Organics - Nut Butters Variety- I received 4 different flavors of these nut butters. I've had this before and really liked them. They taste really good. Chocolate and nuts are my favorite combination though. 

Buddah Brands - Keto Bars- These are actually not bad at all. I received two different flavors and both were good. 

Dr. Botanicals - Lemon Superfood Rescue Butter-  This is a good lotion for dry skin. I just wish it had a nice scent to it. There's not much of a scent at all to it and I really like a scented lotion. But that's just my preference. 

Beauty Without Cruelty - Leave-In Conditioner- This leave in conditioner smells slightly of lavender but it's not over powering and it's a nice conditioner. It left my hair soft and shiny. 

Daily Crunch Snacks - Sprouted Nut Snacks- These almonds are sprouted which means they are soaked in water, germinated and then left with a hollow core which makes them a little crunchier. They have a good taste to them though. 

2x4 Health - Heart Health- This is supposed to be good for your heart while giving you a boost of energy. I didn't feel more energetic but if it's good for my heart I'll keep taking it. The taste isn't great so hiding it in a smoothie or something is best. 

All they ask you to do is try the products and leave reviews for the products you got in order to be eligible for more Free Goodie Boxes. As you guys already know, I'm a fan of all these types of boxes. I love all the different subscription boxes and it's really nice to be able to try new to me products for free. This is a great box to try for.

Oh and one more thing, if you visit their FB Page, they give away Goodie Boxes to people who interact with their posts. So if you've tried before and weren't able to get a Goodie Box, there's even more ways to get one now.

Have you signed up? Have you received one of these boxes?

I'm a fan of subscription boxes and love trying new products for free so this was a huge hit with me. New products+free box = Fabulous!

Disclosure: I was given and free box in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.