Thursday, January 18, 2024

Book Review: Her Protector by V. Vaughn


Book Description

Chrissy Johnson thinks she is happy. She loves her day job working at the animal shelter and her weekend gig performing on stage with a local band. But when Fred Carter, who claims to be a talent scout for a record label, rolls into town, she dares to dream big. Fred tries to steal more than her heart, though, and Chrissy’s life snowballs out of control.

Ryan Henry is at a crossroads in his life. As a warrior for the Le Roux clan, he has respect and prestige, but the one thing that would make his life complete still eludes him. Ryan wants a true mate. If he stays in Maine where he’s exhausted his possibilities, he fears he is destined to be alone. Luckily, fate intervenes, and when he is sent on a mission to help a North Pole clan with Christmas he discovers his true mate along the way. The only trouble– she’s human.

My Review

Ryan is a shifter and wants to find his true mate but is afraid he might end up alone. So he goes to help another clan for Christmas in the hopes that he might find his mate along the way but what he finds instead is Chrissy, a human. 

Chrissy is a singer in a band and her crush ends up putting her in a lot of danger. She fell for the wrong guy it seems and now she's in a heap of trouble. Ryan comes along and helps her but there are so many things that get in the way along their adventure. Chrissy wants to turn herself in and let the police figure it all out but Ryan isn't so sure that's a good idea and I agree with him. 

These two are thrown together and it seems that a little Christmas magic is all that they needed to stay together long enough to fall for each other. There's a bit of a snag towards the end when Ryan doesn't tell Chrissy the entire truth and she finds out anyway but I still liked the ending. This was a cute, quick read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.