Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Book Review: Bewitched In Blood by Jen Katemi


Book Description

I escaped death once and now the demon is back to claim my soul. The only thing standing between us is a hellhound shifter who sets my body and heart on fire…

Blood witch Topaz should be dead. She evaded the demon monster once before, with the help of the Fae Winter Court. But now the soul collector is back on the hunt and she is firmly in his sights.

Hellhound shifter Kyan's pack owes the blood witch’s family a debt. He’s there not to kill Topaz, but to protect her from his former Otherworld masters.

But how can she trust the man with the intense green eyes—the man who ignites her body with molten heat and sets her heart fluttering—when the hellhound genes Kyan carries in his veins are the same as the creatures she’s been running from?

Will the man who has stolen her heart, also take her life?

My Review

Topaz gets a cryptic warning from her sister that she thinks she might be in danger. So Topaz strengthens the wards around her home. So when a man collapses in her yard, she's not sure whether to leave him there or to bring him inside and help him. Being the nice person she is, she decides to bring him inside but since he's so big she has to use a little witchy magic to help get him inside. Once she helps him and he wakes up, she sure is glad she helped the very large hottie who was sent by a shifter pack to help her. But since shifters and witches don't usually get along, she's curious why the pack would want to help her and why. This question isn't answered until later and it sure was a good reason and gave us some insight into her and her family. 

Kyan is sent by his alpha to make sure Topaz is safe from the demon who is hunting her. But when the demon unleashes hellhounds on them, Kyan is able to fight them without even shifting into his animal form. Topaz can't figure out what kind of shifter he is and he's not telling her...yet. He doesn't want to scare her away and wants her to trust him so telling her that he's also a hellhound is probably not the thing to do right away. But we all know the truth will come out at some point and most people are going to be more mad about being lied to even if it's by omission. 

As secrets come to light, old debts are paid and the sisters come together to fight the demon, Kyan and Topaz are also fighting their growing feelings for each other. I loved Kyan's pack and am looking forward to getting to know more of them. 

This was an adrenaline rush from the very beginning of the book, right to the end. I had so much fun reading this book and am looking forward to reading more of this series now. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.