Sunday, May 01, 2016

Universal Yums Monthly Box Review

Universal Yums is a monthly subscription box that sends you snacks from all over the world. A different place each month. This is my first month and this is the March 2016 box. (I write my posts about a month ahead of time so that's why this is posted this month. I always have about 30-40 blog posts scheduled at any time) 

There are two box sizes to choose from. The 6 or more snacks or 12 or more snacks. I chose the 6 or more snacks box.  For my box size, it's $13.00 a month. And they sent quite a bit in my box. The other box costs $25.00 a month. 

So I was sent 12 snacks in my box. Candies, cakes, chocolates and popcorn. This months box is from The Philippines. It was interesting to try the different snacks because I've never had any of these things. I'm going to share with you a few of the more interesting things I found and my favorites. 

This was a cookies and cream shortbread. It had a really great cookies and cream taste to it and even had some small pieces of cookie in it. But it had a really strange texture to me. 

As soon as I bit into it, it fell apart like powder. I'm used to shortbread being kind of hard. But this was like condensed cookie powder. It was good and I did eat it. 

This was by far my favorite out of the box. It's a hard coffee flavored candy. Tasted just like coffee and was so so good. 

Ken and I both tried this Pandan Cake. It smelled really good and when I broke it in half to share with Ken....

The cake inside was a light green. It was a bit dry but went well with my tea. It tasted a little like a vanilla cupcake. 

I had fun with this box. It was interesting to try new snacks that I've never had before and Ken even liked a couple of them.