Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Review: Smashbox Always On Gel Eye Liner- Fishnet

Product Description

Pros in our L.A. photo studio were speechless when they saw how effortlessly this super-saturated, long-lasting gel pencil glides on. It stays blendable for a few seconds so you have playtime to create limitless looks.

My Review

I've been wearing makeup since I was about 13 years old. That's 35 years to be exact. I've tried so many eye liners and while some are great, others aren't all that great and are hard to actually get on. I remember back when I was a teenager we would hold our eye liners over a lit match or lighter for a few seconds, blow on it to cool it down and then apply it while it was still warm and gooey. I burned myself on more than one occasional. Kids, don't try that at home. 

I've tried eye liner pencils, liquid eye liner with different tips and while I prefer the eye liner pencils, some are definitely better than others. I've tried the liquid eye liner and I just don't care for it. I like how easily it glides on but it's not as easy to get a straight line for me as a pencil is. So when I ordered this I wasn't sure what to think until I tried it. I was surprised just how easily this glides on, how easy it was to control how much I'm putting on and how easy it was to control the lines. It was effortless to put on and it dries within a few seconds so this stuff didn't come off until I took it off.

Another thing I liked is that it's one of those twist up ones where you just twist the bottom and more comes out the top. So I don't have to sharpen it with a pencil sharpener. I didn't even know that a gel liner existed until I saw this one and was curious enough to order it. 

Now for what didn't work. The product itself is great. The tube that it's in is pure crap. I twisted the bottom once and the tiniest bit came up and then the twisty part stopped working no matter how much I twisted it, nothing more came out. I used a small stiff makeup brush to dip into the top so I could use some more of the product but that only worked for a couple of days and then it was too far down to get at. So I tried prying the tube apart to see if there was any more product in there and indeed there was quite a bit but with the way the tube is made, there's no way to get at it. So while the product itself is great, the tube it's in stops working and won't twist so you can use all of the product inside. That is a major problem. I was only able to use this for a week before I had to throw it away. Just not worth the price, the effort or the problems. 

I will be trying a different brand of gel liner and hope that I don't have the same problem.