Saturday, April 08, 2017

Review: Daily Goodie Box

I've now been given several of these Daily Goodie Boxes to review and for the most part I really like the items that are in each box. These boxes are completely free, you don't even pay for shipping. All you have to do in order to maybe get one is sign up for an account on Daily Goodie Box, and log in each day to see if you've won a box. 

They also give away boxes on their FB page to people who comment on their posts.

In this month's box was the following...

#MPWR Skincare - Zip, Zap, Gone! Spot Treatment Sticks - This is a zit cream that says it will remove zits so you have a clear skin. I don't get zits anymore so I'll be giving this to my daughter. 

Goddess Garden - Everyday Natural Sunscreen Lotion -Living in the desert I can always use anther sunscreen. During our summers here it can get 117F during the hottest part of the summer so I'm always on the look out for more sunscreen. 

Detox Water - Lychee & White Grape - I wasn't sure how this was going to taste but it actually wasn't bad. It had a subtle sweet taste that wasn't over powering. 

Slurpee - Slurpee Cotton Candy  - Cotton Candy Ya'll! This was by far my favorite thing in this months box. 

EBOOST - Strawberry Kiwi Energy Powder - Just add this powder to a bottle of water and it's supposed to give you added energy. While I didn't feel more energized it was an interesting drink. I liked the flavor and flavored water is good. 

Adāmia - Therapeutic Repair Lotion - I have tried all kinds of lotions. I have dry skin living in the desert so I go through a lot of bottles of lotion and it doesn't help that I'm diabetic. So I'm always willing to try a new lotion. This one was nice and had a very light subtle scent and not greasy. So win win. 

Bakery On Main - Bunches of Crunches - Do you like granola? Trail Mix? Sweet oat clusters? Because if you do then this is something you may also like. This was really tasty. 

Peanut Butter & Co - Mighty Nut Powdered Peanut Butter - So peanut butter powder is a thing. I actually had to Google what to do with this stuff but adding it to a smoothie or making a sauce with it were a couple of the things you can do with it. I added a tablespoon of it to my oatmeal and it gave it a peanut butter flavor. 

DudeProducts - Quick DUDE Shower Wipes - These are manly wipes for men. For those times that you just can't get to a shower and you want to freshen up. Here's the description from their website. 

"As DUDES we are dirty, sweaty and disgusting humans. Access to a shower is not always a realistic option after every awesome, stanky, or highly questionable situation. So now it’s time to embrace those moments. The DUDE Shower gives you a fast and effective way to remove DUDE stank and stay fresh on-the-go."

LOL I couldn't have said it better. 

So all in all I really loved this month's box and it was fun to try all of these products that I've never tried before. There were quite a few things in this box and when the entire box is free, it's a real deal. Have you won a box from them yet? Would you try any of the products in this box?

Disclosure: I was given this box free of charge in exchange for a blog review.