Thursday, November 02, 2017

Review: The Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden

Book Description

FBI Special Agent Duncan McGuire spends his days—and his nights—tracking real-life monsters. Most humans aren’t aware of the vampires and werewolves that walk among them. They don’t realize the danger that they face, but Duncan knows about the horror that waits in the darkness. He hunts the monsters, and he protects the innocent. Duncan just never expects to become a monster. But after a brutal werewolf attack, Duncan begins to change…and soon he will be one of the very beasts that he has hunted.

Dr. Holly Young is supposed to help Duncan during his transition. It’s her job to keep him sane so that Duncan can continue working with the FBI’s Para Unit. But as Duncan’s beast grows stronger, the passion that she and Duncan have held carefully in check pushes to the surface. The desire that is raging between them could be a very dangerous thing…because Holly isn’t exactly human, not any longer. 

As the monsters circle in, determined to take out all of the agents working at the Para Unit, Holly and Duncan will have to use their own supernatural strengths in order to survive. But as they give up more of their humanity and embrace the beasts within them both, they realize that the passion between them isn’t safe, it isn’t controllable, and their dark need may just be an obsession that could destroy them both. 

My Review

Duncan is part of an elite team that tracks down and captures paranormals that have gone bad or break the law.  He was very good at his job but one day he and his partner are outnumbered and he gets bitten and turned into a werewolf. He's taken back to the base and Dr. Holly treats him but with his enhanced abilities including smell, her scent drives him crazy but that might be because she's not as human as she pretends to be. 

There are great secondary characters in this story including Pate who is the unit commander. It's rather obvious early on that he's very manipulative and uses those around him in any way he can. I really didn't like his character but the choices he made really moved this story in ways that kept things interesting. 

There are so many secrets and twists in this book, some of them become obvious fast while others are hard to guess until they are thrown right in your face. It's fun to read and for a story line to take you to a place you didn't see coming. 

One thing is for sure from the very first few pages, Duncan and his wolf see Holly as their mate and they will stop at nothing to claim her. 

This book was free on Amazon when I got it and it might still be. So go check it out if this sounds like something you'd like. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.