Saturday, September 29, 2018

Review: Walmart Beauty Box- September

The Walmart Beauty box is a subscription box that comes out 4 times a year. You sign up for it and it comes automatically every 3 months. These boxes are free and shipping is $5. 

I have to say that I was a little surprised when I opened this box and saw what was inside. I was a bit disappointed because these boxes used to be a lot better. 

This month though I received 7 small sample packets of products.

What was in this box...

Garnier SkinActive 3 in 1 moisturizer day/night mask. 
Garnier Fructis Damage Repairing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask. 
Village Naturals Therapy Muscle Relief body wash. 
Village Naturals Therapy Muscle Relief lotion. 
Kleenex Wet Wipes. 
Whole Blends Shampoo and Conditioner. 
Sleeping Facial Mask. 

I get that I'm only paying $5 for this box of samples but when I first signed up for this box the samples in the boxes were great and bigger. This box only comes every 3 months so they have plenty of time to get the boxes out on time and filled with great products like they used to have. More and more people are cancelling this box because it's so disappointing. But I keep hoping it gets better. 

Did you get this box?