Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Book Review: Wild Fever by Donna Grant


Book Description

A WOMAN’S PASSION Olivia Breaux left the small Cajun town the day of her high school graduation and never looked back. Until an unfortunate event sends her home ten years later. Returning to her hometown brings back memories and long held desires for the impossibly gorgeous – and aloof – Vincent. A HUNTER’S DESIRE Handsome, resilient Vincent Chiasson takes his job as hunter to supernatural beings in the bayous seriously. When an unknown creature begins killing women the Chiasson family has contact with, Vincent knows this has something to do with his parents’ deaths years earlier. To make matters worse, the one woman he’s yearned to call his own has returned – and is targeted by the beast. He’ll have to face his past – and confront his future – to save Olivia…

My Review

Vincent has been hunting supernatural beings ever since his parents were killed by one. He knows his life is too dangerous to bring anyone else into so he didn't pursue Olivia when she had lived near him even though he's sure she's the one for him. He's not sure he would survive if his wife or kids were to be killed by some of the monsters he hunts. So it was better for them both when she moved away ten years earlier. But now she's moved back to town and all those old feelings are back. 

But there's a creature hunting and killing women and now it's after Olivia. He has no choice but to try and keep her safe which means she has to comes to terms with the fact that he hunts paranormal creatures and never stopped caring for her. 

Once the killer is revealed they were all shocked as was I. This was a short novella but I think there was enough story packed in there to make it worth a read. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.