Thursday, May 08, 2014

How To Build A 10 Year Old, A Dog House

You probably know by now that I live in an apartment complex. The doors are pretty close together and we have some courtyard space in front of our doors. The BBQ at the bottom of this picture is directly in front of my door and that is mine. But my next door neighbor, I will call her door slammer...went all out and put the chairs, flower pots house out in the courtyard in front of our doors. This picture was taken directly in front of my door. She thinks she is going to grow tomatoes, cantaloupe, strawberries and other fruits in those little pots. 

Yeah it looks nice and I wouldn't even be bringing this up but she went and got a dog house and spent all night, up until 3am building this thing outside for her 10 year old daughter who is coming to spend some time with her this summer.

See that dog house in the back? Yeah, doesn't that look like something a 10 year old girl would like? Not! I know every little girl wants a dog house to play in, right? lol 

I don't know what this woman was thinking. No kids or even dogs have gone in it. she might as well crawl in it and take a nap herself and we just found out that our apartment manager plans on adding more small rocks to the courtyard and putting in some cement slabs in the middle so people can put their BBQ's on them. So door slammer will have to move all her stuff anyway. Maybe she can set the dog house up in her apartment for her boyfriend? lol 

I just can't make this stuff up...