Saturday, April 09, 2011

Things are looking up

Happy Saturday everyone.

Well my hubby Ken came out of surgery very well. No complications as of yet, but he is still in quite a bit of pain. The surgeon said he used wires to put the breaks in his arm back in place that it was less intrusive and should heal faster.

You never really realize how much you use both your hands and arms until you can use one of them. I've been putting his socks and shoes on for him as well as cutting his meat and helping him put on deodorant. I remember how I felt when I partially dislocated my shoulder and he was helping me do all those things and more. You feel like your being a burden, but he's really not and I know he would do the same for me...he did.

His next doctors appt. is on the 20th, so we'll see what the doc says then.