Saturday, February 26, 2011

ebooks and contests

As most of you know by now *because I've talked about it before* I enter a lot of contests for free books, gift cards, ect...and I win quite a lot. I find new authors that way and spend most of the gift card money on books. Right now I have about 3-4 books arriving in teh mail each week, either from winning them or from buying them with gift cards, or from me just buying them because I want them.

The thing is right now for me some of the cntests are irritating because they don't tell you that the book you are winning is an ebook until you have already won it. Now I don't have anything against ebooks, I really don't but I refuse to buy an ereader. I am not going to start buying ebooks where I can't even trade, send to my mom and daughter or sell if I want to. I've sold over 100 books on amazon and will again sometime in the future. You can't do any of that with an ebook and I'm not gonna start buying the right to read the book and delete it aftwerwards. it seems like a waste of money to me.

Winning the ebooks I will read them but I have to read them on my computer which isn't the most comfortable thing to do. But I have found that so many of the ebooks that I've won are very short, novella length type books. I'm not real big on novellas unless they are in a book with a few more novellas.

My point right now, because I seem to have made so many points in this during contests where authors are giving away books or where the blog is giving away a would be really helpful if they would let us know beforehand if the book is a paperback or an ebook. Most do but it seems like some do not. I like to know what I am entering the contest for. Sometimes I won't enter a contest if it's for an ebook unless I really want to read it or it's from a favorite author.