Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Book Review: Bear In A Bakery by Liz Paffel


Book Description

One sexy carpenter bear shifter. One sassy human with a sweet, sweet cinnamon roll.
Allie Rowe is in a bind after drunk raccoons do a number on her business, Sticky Sweet Bakery. With a major event coming up, she can't afford to be out of commission... but she can't afford to fix things, either. Her meddling father thinks he'll play matchmaker when he hires sexy carpenter and bear shifter Dax Mitchell to lend a hand.

She’s already played the rejected mate game, and isn’t going there again, thanks. Bear shifters are trouble with muscles. Shifters are off limits!

Dax won’t take no for an answer, making her wonder if he’s helping from the kindness of his heart, or if he'll require some sort of repayment...

Dax is under pressure to take a mate before the fates rob him of his strength. His dying father's wish is to see his son mated. A staunch bachelor, Dax is inclined to change his mind when sexy, curvy Allie offers him a taste of her sweet roll.

When an unexpected enemy makes himself known, and time winds down on his chance to take a mate, Dax must decide how far he’ll go to claim his fated mate.

My Review

Allie owns the Sticky Sweet Bakery but when raccoons have a field day inside her shop wreaking havoc by chewing wires, tearing up the walls, and making water flood her shop, she's at her wits end until her father sends a handyman over to help fix the problem.  But Dax is a bear shifter and she's had her fill of bear shifters. Her now ex is a bear shifter and won't leave her alone so she's not falling for the flirty, sexy looking handyman who wants to help her fix her shop. But if she doesn't take his help, she may never get everything back to normal. 

Dax is different from her ex and she realizes that right away but still wants to keep Dax at a distance even though the chemistry is there between them. But Dax has a problem that won't wait even though he wants to give Allie time to get to know him a little bit better before he lets her know what's going on with him, he just doesn't have time for that. It doesn't help that his brother let's the cat out of the bag so to speak and someone is making things tougher on her, making things worst. The twists that pop up in this story were really good and made the story keep flowing which kept me engaged and wanting to know what would happen next. But I loved Dax and how he stepped up for her with her ex. He definitely wasn't someone that the ex wanted to mess with. This was such a cute story. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.