Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Rat Facts: Begging

Rats have the art of begging down to a science. First there's the sniffing, then the staring, then the biting on the bars to get your attention and then the hopping up and down when more staring doesn't work.

When I made myself a sandwich for lunch, Lucky smelled it and first he stared at me, then he started hopping up and down.


and then he resorted to biting on the bars to get my attention.

Then it was back to staring at me. I was sitting at the computer table and he is on the table right next to me. I gave in a let him have a piece and he knew I would because I share my food with the boys. I had already cut a tiny piece off for him, I just wanted to get the pictures first. *bad mommy* lol He was a happy boy about 1 minute after I sat down so he didn't have to wait very long but these pictures do show that they beg worst than dogs do. At least they don't drool and slobber all over themselves while watching you like some dogs do. LOL