Sunday, March 31, 2024

Apartment Life #312

This is a weekly blog post that I'm calling Apartment Hell  Life. I've mentioned a few times some of the crazy things that have gone on in and around my apartment complex and in my neighborhood in the past 25 years that I've lived here and people keep telling me I should write a book. But instead of a book, I've decided to share the crazy things that have happened in and around my apartment complex in the last 25 years here in a weekly blog post.  

So the painters are finally gone. They left yesterday (Saturday). Monday night the guys who live in the apartment that the Port A Potty was right up against the window came out and tried to move the Port A Potty away from their window. That's why it's a little pulled out from the wall. But it proved to be too heavy for them and they left it like this. On Tuesday morning the painters moved it back against their bedroom window again. They were mad and are glad this is gone. 

On Monday I saw the Fire Truck going around the corner and saw them pulling into the alley behind the apartment complex across the street. 

I got a picture of one of the firemen coming off the truck. 

Then an ambulance pulled up and someone was taken to the ER. 

On Tuesday my neighbor who just moved in was taken by ambulance to the ER. I haven't seen her back home since. 

Hopefully she's ok. She's an older woman and she's been here less than 2 weeks. 

There was a younger guy walking around on Tuesday knocking on everyone's door trying to get them to sign up for a free phone if they qualified. If you were on SSI, had Medicaid or food stamps you qualified. I said no thank you and he left. About an hour later though Falcor started barking his head off because they guy had come back and was sitting in my chair I have right by my door. 

He was talking on his phone so I asked him if he would move since he was making my dog bark. He looked at me and told me he would in a minute when he was done with his phone call. I got mad, opened my screen door and told him no, you will leave now. He told me no again that he was on the phone. That's when 2 of the painters came over that were painting some of the touch up spots and told him he needed to leave now. He got up and left. I told the painters thank you and that was that. I couldn't believe that the guy told me no he wasn't going to move from my chair. Like, WTH?

And then on Thursday it happened again with a different guy! Falcor started barking at the guy who was on his phone. He couldn't hear the person on his phone because I was letting Falcor bark his head off. 

So the guy got up and out of my chair and talked on his phone away from my door. I don't get people seeing my chair and thinking it's ok to sit right by my door in my chair. So rude.

Monday night/early Tuesday morning 2AM there was a huge argument going on 4 doors down. The man and woman were breaking up, she had her bags and he was telling her to leave. She was screaming and continued to scream profanities all the way down the street. Both of them have been staying there with the guy who actually lives there. I'm surprised with all that noise they made that he didn't kick both of them out. But she was back the next morning and staying there again. 

Friday night around 10:30 PM an alarm that sounded kinda like a smoke alarm started going off in the vacant apartment 3 doors down from mine. I could see through the window that there was no smoke or fire but we were worried that there might be a fire in the walls or something going on that we couldn't see. The neighbor was worried too. So we called 911 and the fire department came out. I got a bad picture of the fire truck but you can still make out what it is. lol 

The firemen said they didn't think it was the smoke alarm and because they didn't see smoke or fire they couldn't break down the door. The maintenance guys came by the next morning to keep working on the apartment to get it ready for the next people and they fixed the alarm whatever it was. 

This sure was a full week! 

The high this week was 74F/23C
The low this week was 48F/8C

So that's it for this week's Apartment Hell  Life! Be sure to come back next week for more.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Favorite Song of the Week


Daughtry- Artificial

I've been listening to Daughtry ever since he was on American Idol. He has a bunch of songs that I like and this is another one. I hope you enjoy. 

Friday, March 29, 2024

Being Able To Co-Parent Well, IS Good For Your Kids

I really want to give a shoutout to my daughter and my grandson's father. While these two aren't together as a couple and haven't been for years, they co-parent together better than anyone else I know. 

They take my grandson out together all the time. They are friends and talk all the time. My grandson's father is a great guy and I don't throw praise out there willy nilly for people. My family thought it was weird for them to get along so well after they broke up because no one else in my family has been able to do that. These two broke the bad cycle of bad co-parenting and I'm so proud of them for that. 

In the past couple of months they even went and got similar tattoos. They both got a moon tattoo with similar colors. Different designs but they oddly match. 

And I know my grandson is a happy kid because his parents get along. They are both great parents and a good example of how you can co-parent together well, for the sake of your child. I wish I saw more stories of parents being able to do this than the fighting and arguing that we usually see when parents break up and are no longer together. 

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Book Review: Kings Of Eden by Mila Young and Harper A Brooks


Book Description

I'll never fall to my knees... even if that's exactly where they want me.

My life’s never exactly been the easiest. Or the most godly. I’ve danced for powerful men. Deadly men. And when one wants to take things too far, I barely escape with my life. What I didn’t know was that someone else was watching me from the shadows.

Someone deadlier… Someone scarier.

Now the Kings of Eden are after me.

They say I have something they want, and because of it, they’ve made me their captive.

Now, I’m swept up into their deadly world of gang wars and destructive magic. Dracon, Cassius, Knox - they’re criminals, murderers, monsters… But I can’t resist.

The chaotic power inside me craves the chaos they give.

But even with so much at stake, losing my heart scares me the most.

18+ Romance. Kings of Eden is a full length, paranormal romance with enemies to lovers themes, featuring three psychotic, tormented alphaholes and a sassy heroine. Contains some darker themes and panty-melting steam and is a story where the heroine will end up with more than one love interest.

My Review

Eve works as a dancer in a club. A mob boss takes a liking to her and she can't say no when he wants to take her out. She thinks it'll just be a date but he pushes for more and isn't going to take no for an answer. She's no pushover though and fights back and runs, which lands her in hot water with the mob bosses people who are out to get her. 

Knox is a King of Eden, he is also Death. Like in the 4 horseman of the apocalypse, Death. He's in a warehouse looking for his blade when he spots Eve who has been kidnapped and is fighting off the mob bosses people. When Knox spots Eve handle his blade when no one else should be able to handle it without dying, he decides that she must be possessed with his dead brother's spirit and he kidnaps her, tortures her trying to get her to confess that she's possessed. When the other two Kings in the house see her, they try to convince Knox that she's not possessed but that she has to have some other kind of magic that allowed her to wield his blade without dying. 

There was so much drama, fighting, danger and insane romance in this book that made it exciting. The fact that these three guys are crazier than all get out made it interesting to read. Plus when Eve starts having feelings for all three of them for different reasons and it looks like they are reciprocating those feelings, things start to get a lot more romance than blood and gore, which made the story fun. 

There's a lot more to Eve than we first think but this book ended on a cliffhanger which I really hated. There was so much left open and unfinished that it left me feeling like I only read part of the book and it ended abruptly. It had so much potential but it didn't feel like an entire book. So I doubt I'll read anymore of this series. 

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Favorite Pictures of the Week

This cloud formation was right before sunset. I stopped to take the picture and Falcor turned around to look at me wondering why we stopped. He always gives me these looks when I do something he doesn't understand. "C'mon human, we are not done yet."

I enlarged the picture a little. It was an interesting cloud.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Book Review: Kingdom of Wolves by Amelia Shaw


Book Description

Under the guise of protection, the High Warlock of our coven keeps us hidden away within a secret realm at the heart of the forest. But I know a lie when I see one. Our supposed safety is no more than a gilded cage… and I was never meant to be caged.

I break free, escaping into the greater woods where I happen upon two cursed, but impossibly gorgeous wolf shifters. Eager to show them my world, I unknowingly lead them into a trap—and directly into the clutches of the High Warlock.

Overwhelmed by guilt and mortified by the High Warlock’s true plans for the wolves, I devise a daring escape for these two wild men who have captured my heart. My soul yearns for them both, and the very thought of having to choose between them makes me sick.

I swear to help them lift the curse afflicting their pack if they’ll help me escape the hidden prison I’ve called my life…

My Review

Xander and Kyle belong to a pack of werewolves that haven't had a female birth in years. After finding out that their pack might have been cursed by a witch because of their aloof leader, they go in search of the witch in the hopes she will lift the curse. 

Instead they come across Monique, a witch who lives in the village where the witch they are looking for used to live. Monique takes them to the high warlock and things go bad from that point on. The high warlock is the sister of the witch they are looking for and he agrees to help them if they give him some of their blood because his sister is nowhere to be found. I knew right away that was a bad idea. The high warlock gave villain/evil vibes right away. The high warlock has ulterior motives for just about everything he does so Monique knows she has to get these new guys out of her village and away from him. 

Xander and Kyle both know soon after meeting Monique that she is their mate. They don't know how they're going to share being her mate but they will have to find a way if she will have them both. She wants to get away from her village anyway so it really doesn't take much convincing to get her to agree. But all three of them are in danger and they'll have to find a way out of it. 

This book was so boring in sections that it took me a while to read because I kept putting it down. Then it ended on a cliffhanger which was really disappointing. 

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, March 25, 2024

Happy Raturday!

"We traveled to Scotland and got new hats and license plates with our names on them."

"Some of us needed help holding up the license plates."

"I like my new hat."

*All pictures this week are courtesy of*

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Apartment Life #311

This is a weekly blog post that I'm calling Apartment Hell  Life. I've mentioned a few times some of the crazy things that have gone on in and around my apartment complex and in my neighborhood in the past 25 years that I've lived here and people keep telling me I should write a book. But instead of a book, I've decided to share the crazy things that have happened in and around my apartment complex in the last 25 years here in a weekly blog post. 

After the last couple of weeks I thought I would include something pretty in this weeks post. I spotted this flowering tree across the street and thought it was pretty. 

There are so many flowers on it. I have no idea what kind of flowers these are though.

They are are pretty in any case.

And these are some sort of wild flower that I spotted growing in the rocks where Falcor was sniffing. It's a pretty little yellow flower. 

Of course we can't go a week without either the police, fire or ambulance showing up for some reason.

As I was walking the dog I spotted a car crash right at the entrance of the freeway and since the fire department is just around the corner I watched them pull up as well as the police car behind it. All you can see is the lights on top of the police car. An ambulance pulled up as I was walking away but I was too far away to get a picture of it at that point. 

I pulled up the Pulse Point APP and the crash was on there. It's the 5th one down from the top where it says, "Traffic collision N. Jones Blvd & N. US 95 Las Vegas, Nevada."

Oh and for those of you that tried to find this APP in the app store and couldn't find it, it's called Pulse Point. I mistakenly thought it was just Pulse and that was not right. 

This falls into the "Stuff I spotted while out walking" file. Someone made "Gum art" and left it on a pole. 

This is an ice cream truck. It says LVICP "Las Vegas Ice Cream Patrol"

Looks like a police truck. lol 

The high this week was 79F/26C
The low this week was 49F/9C

So that's it for this week's Apartment Hell  Life! Be sure to come back next week for more.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Favorite Song of the Week!


In This Moment- Whore

Now beware, some of you might not like the video or the lyrics. But I thought it was an entertaining video and while the lyrics aren't great she can sing when she does. I like the song. I hope you enjoy. 

Friday, March 22, 2024

Clouds, Clouds and More clouds

Since I didn't receive any freebies or samples this week I thought I would just post a few cloud pictures today. It went from 60's F and cloudy to 78F and very sunny this week. Soon it will just stay sunny and hot for a few months.

One morning it was looking like rain and we did get a few sprinkles but it was just so cloudy. You can't even see the mountains.

It was nice and cool, cloudy and the sun was no where to be seen. My favorite kind of day. 

The next day when the clouds had moved out, I spotted some snow on the mountains. I doubt I'll be seeing that again anytime soon. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Book Review: The King of Fire by Brittany White


Book Description

June Morris may have just found the man of her dreams, but will his secret keep them apart?

June was a woman who loved things that were extreme. She worked at a rock-climbing studio before quitting her job to go on an adventure in Tokyo. June went to visit her sister, Samantha, hoping Sam would agree to go on the expedition with her, but because it involves a semi-active volcano, Samantha refused to go with June. June decided to go on the trip anyway, much to her sister’s disappointment. Once she got there, an accident proved that Samantha might have been right after all.

Mishal, the King of Fire, had been trapped for well over a century with the Royal Guardians. He hoped for their freedom as activity started within the volcano. Just when he was sure they were going to remain inside; a human girl fell through the barrier. Faced with the decision to show himself or let her die, Mishal decided the girl’s life was worth more than his secret and he shifted into his dragon form to save her. As he carried her to the safety of a local hospital, he decided that she was to be his mate no matter how long it took him to woo her.

June wants to stay and learn about the man who saved her life. He had a secret. As she spent time with Mishal, she realized she was developing feelings for him, secret or not. He finally told her, and she was in complete shock but still had feelings for him she could not deny. June tried to dismiss her feelings by returning home to the states, but soon found out Sam betrayed her trust and now Mishal and his people are in danger. June must race against the clock to save Mishal and his people. Will June succeed? Will love prevail?

My Review

June goes on an expedition to a semi-active volcano and when she falls through a hole, she is saved by a dragon shifter who had been trapped inside the volcano for 100 years. He and his friends only escaped because the volcano is a bit active and the rumbling broke them out of the walls they were imprisoned in. Once Mishal saves June, he can't seem to get her out of his mind though. She feels the same way way about him which is why when she is released from the hospital she goes back to he volcano to find him and he saves her a second time. 

She knows he's hiding something but Mishal doesn't think June will stay if he reveals he's a dragon shifter. He comes clean with her though and she wants to stay with him but she thinks that her being around him and his people will bring scientists down on their heads and she doesn't want to be the cause of them being experimented on so she leaves. But there are people who put Mishal and his people in danger anyway. 

This was a good story but I was expecting more romance and more of them getting to know each other, but instead I got more of a story of the danger dragon shifters were put in. The dialogue made it hard for me to read because when June and Mishal are talking to each other they sound like early teenagers and he's supposed to be over 100 years old. He was immature and didn't come across as very wise. I found so many parts of this story boring which slowed the pace down for me. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Favorite Picture of the Week

Falcor first thing in the morning after coming back from our first walk of the day. You may not realize I walk him 8-10 times a day. 

Looking at me because I was holding his treat.

Getting ready for a nap. It's hard being a dog. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Book Review: Jagger: The Temptation by Charmaine Louise Shelton


Book Description

They say the heart knows, but what if it's impossible...
I’m the leader of my pack—the Billionaire Wolves of Miami. A wolf shifter who has it all—money, power, and she-wolves who vie for me to claim them. Sounds good? Not exactly. I long for my fated mate.

When my wolf senses detect her unique scent on another male, I lose it. Then memories forcefully blocked for ten years flood my mind. Memories of a young witch. And not just any witch—the future High Witch.

She’s the one my wolf howls for, my fated mate. Now, I have to find her and prove it to her. Again. A second chance for us.

Too bad wolves and witches are not allowed to mate…

You’ve heard what they say about cats and dogs? Yeah, well, crank that up by a thousand percent for wolf shifters and witches.

No one is happy about this revelation. But that's too bad for them. My heart knows what it wants and that's her. Again.

Their steamy love story is a standalone romance in the sizzling Billionaire Wolves Series of interconnecting stories featuring wolf shifter fated mates. Get a glimpse of their dynamism in other books.

My Review

Jagger and Sage met 10 years earlier and instantly knew they were fated mates but their families stepped in and erased their memories so they forgot all about each other. Now 10 years later Sage goes into a club a few days before she is to be married to someone she doesn't love and Jagger smells her. He does something he never thought he would do, he kidnaps her and tries to get her to remember him. 

Jagger remembers her and has to try and get her to remember him too. It takes a little time and she is falling for him all over again but their families try to step in and keep them apart, again. Sage is a powerful witch and this time she isn't going to let her or his family keep them apart. I really liked these two once they figured out what was going on and who was trying to keep them apart. There's a bit of a twist as to who is trying to keep them apart and why and I really liked that. 

These two might come from completely opposite backgrounds but it looks like wolves and witches should be able to mate without there being these big problems now. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, March 18, 2024

Happy Raturday!


*All pictures this week are courtesy of*

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Apartment Life #310

This is a weekly blog post that I'm calling Apartment Hell  Life. I've mentioned a few times some of the crazy things that have gone on in and around my apartment complex and in my neighborhood in the past 25 years that I've lived here and people keep telling me I should write a book. But instead of a book, I've decided to share the crazy things that have happened in and around my apartment complex in the last 25 years here in a weekly blog post.  

So you may remember that last week we all got notices on our doors that a company was going to be painting the exterior of the buildings. Now down towards the bottom of this notice you can see that it says, " You can come and go as you please via your front door or garage." Remember this....

On Monday the painters patched up some of the cracks.

Then Tuesday morning I take Falcor out at 9am and see the painters covering all the doors and windows with plastic and tape. So I asked one of the guys how long the door was going to be taped up and he said until 12:00 noon, that's 3 hours. So I said that's not going to work for me because I need to be able to take the dog in and out and we were told that we could come and go as we please. He said, well how about 2 hours. Give me until 11:00 and I said well, we'll see. I don't know because the dog might need to go out again. And he said okay, well then knock on the door and I'll hear you and I'll be able to let you out. So I was thinking, if that doesn't work and I need to be able to take the dog out I'm just going to bust through the flipping tape on my door, like the Kool-Aid Man.

Here's the apartment doors and windows all taped up.

More taped up doors.

Oh and you can see the new paint color.

So at 11am, the dog needed to go out again so you can see me go to the door and knock on it. I didn't get a response so I broke through the plastic and tape. I may not have busted down the door like the Kool- Aid man, but I got the job done. 

Here's my door after I broke the tape and plastic off. The painters weren't even in my courtyard! They painted the walls and went to the alley to do the walls there. They left all the doors sealed up for hours! I noticed some other people breaking through the plastic around 1PM and the painters didn't come back to take all the plastic off until 5PM. right before they quit for the day. 

You might have seen in the last picture that they taped slippery plastic to the sidewalk right in front of everyone's door too. That was hazardous to walk on. 

The notice said we could come and go as we pleased but they sealed us in and didn't take the plastic off for hours. I was so irritated. There was no way I wasn't going to go outside all that time.

And this is my building all done. It's white with black trim. I think it actually looks like. 

The inside doors are now blue. They used to be brown. I don't know if they are going to paint the security screen doors or not yet. Some of us have security doors and some don't. 

I think the white and black trim looks nice. 

The overhangs over the walkways are now black, which is a little weird. But it's ok. 

What do you want to bet that they raised our rent at least $100 dollars next time the leases are up?

The high this week was 69F/20C
The low this week was 49F/9C

So that's it for this week's Apartment Hell  Life! Be sure to come back next week for more.