Tuesday, July 08, 2014

How To Help Frenchie The Abused Rat

This little rat was adopted from a rat rescue and then surrendered back to the same rescue after the owner came back from a vacation and found her rat had been hurt by the rat sitter. This poor rat has an eye injury so severe that it's going to cause her to lose her eye. She also has two broken paws, one front and one back paw and she has something wrong with her teeth. 

I will warn you that the images below are graphic and so if you don't want to look any further I understand. But if you would like to help out with a donation to help cover the vet bills and medicine to get Frenchie healthy again you can do so through paypal:  hollys1mom@yahoo.com  

Frenchie has a broken back paw but it should heal and her owners at the rat rescue have taken her to the vet's office to get antibiotics, pain medication and make sure she will heal up with time. 

Frenchie's eye looks bad and it is but they and the vet are hoping that the antibiotics will shrink the infection and her eye and it will close on its own. But if it doesn't they are willing to pay the vet to have her eye removed and as you know veterinarian visits and surgery can be quite costly which is why they are accepting paypal donations at this address to help cover the costs. hollys1mom@yahoo.com

As you can see Frenchie also has an abscess on her broken front paw that is slowly healing with the help of the antibiotics. 

If this poor rat doesn't have enough to deal with she also has something wrong with her teeth but hopefully the vet will be able to trim them down so they will start growing straight again. A rats teeth continuously grow so I am hopeful that with a little help they will start to grow straight.

Andrea and Holly who run the rescue also have been giving Frenchie some water therapy. It's soothing to her broken feet and I'm sure helps clean the abscess on her paw as well. 

If you would like to follow Frenchie's updates you can do so on her FaceBook page. She is getting better everyday and there are cute videos posted of her as well. 

Some of you may be asking why spend so much money and so much time on this rat who has such severe injuries? One of the vet's that Frenchie was taken to thought the same thing and the vet refused to treat her, just wanted to put her to sleep. But the fact is, her injuries are treatable and she can pull through and have a long healthy, happy life. There's no need to euthanize an animal just because they are hurt when with a little help, love and care they can live and be happy. 

The people taking care of her are going to keep her for as long as she lives, she won't be adopted out to anyone else. So she will have a long happy life when she pulls through and heals from the trauma and abuse that she was put through. 

*All photos courtesy of Amber Holly and Andrea Greye*