Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hairless Rat Reactions...

I had a lady come in my apartment the other day because she was asking hubby if she could borrow one of his tools. Flower popped her head up and the lady looked over at her and almost screamed. She said, "Omg, what is that? What's wrong with it?"

We explained that she was a hairless rat and the lady kept asking, "But why doesn't she have any hair?" I tried to explain that just like a hairless cat, she was born hairless but was still a rat just like my other ones. 

I find it funny some of the reactions I will get when they see her. 

Most times they go over to her cage and have their face right up to the bars looking around for the cute furry animal that's in there and out pops Flower in all her naked glory. 

The I take her out and let them see her and how friendly she is and they usually will see the cute side of her. Then she'll dive bomb my shirt and most times people will shudder, thinking about a hairless rat running around under their clothes. LOL 

She loves to burrow in my shirt and come running out to play. I think it's funny that the fact she is in my shirt freaks them out more than the fact that she has no fur.