Thursday, April 11, 2024

Book Review: Legion by Tia Didmon


Book Description

A Dragon. A Druid. A Disaster.

Art student Mara Krane has no time for the sexy 'dragon' in her dreams, even if he insists she is the key to saving humanity. But as her dormant magic emerges, she can no longer ignore her immortal mate.

Trusting him will make her a target in a war that has lasted for millennia and unearth a long-buried family secret, concealing the betrayal of a former life.

As she faces an ancient adversary set on her destruction, will her hopes burn to the ground, or will she discover that love hath no fury like a dragon scorned?

My Review

Legion is a dragon shifter that lost everything in a war. Adara used her magic to be reborn into another and when Legion found out that she was his mate, he was mad she never told him. Now years later Adara's magic is being awakened into Mara as she reaches her 23rd birthday. When she unknowingly reaches out telepathically and hears Legion talk to her, she thinks she's going mad until he walks into her shop and tells her all about dragons, druids and magic. 

Things really start happening pretty fast after that because Mara's magic is about to turn on full power and she has no idea how to use or control it. Mara starts to remember things about Adara and secrets are revealed because secrets always have a way of coming out. As Mara and Legion become closer, they realize that they really are meant to be together but the black dragons will do anything to have Mara because she's a druid and a seer and her blood gives them what they want. 

So while they are fighting the black dragons, trying to stay ahead of the danger, Mara is also learning to use her powers, they are learning about each other and getting closer. It was a fun read. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.