Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's almost Easter

So today i went to a few differnt stores and bought Easter stuff so I could make some baskets up. My daughter loves ducks, always has. So I made sure to get her a couple of ducks to go in her basket. I had a thought, I thought I would try and make my own Peeps. Yeah right, that didn't work. LOL Take a large marshmallow, roll it in your hands and then try to shape it into something...ummmm well if you can get all the sticky mess of your hands long enough to shape something that is. Then roll it in sugar. hmmmmm I took a bite, and had to spit it out, I don't know what king of sugar they use but it sure as hell isn't table sugar. LOL Ack.

But I've been experimenting with some cake ideas, I think this year I'll make a easter basket cake.