Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Book Review: Let Us Prey by Vivienne Savage

Book Description

Each book follows a different military hero with a standalone, complete story.
Leigh Denton has made her share of mistakes, but the judgmental residents of Quickdraw, Texas will never allow her to forget. Drugs and a history of criminal activity checker her traumatic past. Now she’s cleaned up her act and fighting to regain custody of her infant. Having a relationship isn’t part of her plan.

Ian MacArthur is an eagle shifter and Air Force veteran with a big heart. His work takes him around the world, but R&R brings him back home to a town where rising drug problems are taking over the community. Falling in love with a lost soul named Leigh wasn’t part of his plan.

Leigh needs to prove she can provide a steady home, driving financially secure Ian to lend his money and his name to help. There’s just one problem: Eagles mate for life and soaring to her rescue will cost more than he’s able to give.

My Review

Ian is an Air Force veteran who is at church when he first meets Leigh and witnesses how the town treats her. He knows she's his mate, him being an eagle shifter and wants to get to know her better. But Leigh is closed off at first because of how hard her life has been and everything she's going through. Once Ian finds out from his grandmother and some of his friends what's been going on with Leigh, he digs a little deeper and finds that things in her neighborhood are not good. Something is not right with the law enforcement that should be trying to keep the people there safer by cracking down on the drugs and sellers. 

Leigh lost custody of her baby when her boyfriend went to jail for selling drugs and she was hooked on pain killers after a painful injury. She wanted to get help to get off them but she was afraid to ask for help because she thought that her baby would get taken from her. So now she's clean and trying to get custody of her baby. But her boyfriend's parents are rich and don't want to give her back the baby and she can't fight them because she has next to nothing. 

Ian on the other hand is rich and offers her a job cleaning and taking care of his grandmother. Once she has the job and realizes that Ian is a nice guy, she kinda has a crush on him but doesn't think he could feel anything for her. So when he asks her out, she surprised but excited. Once She tells Ian what's going on with her and they get closer, he starts investigating and helping her. He wants her to get her baby back and see her happy. I liked the twists as we find out what's really going on and who the bad guys are. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.