Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Bookmark Obsession and A Giveaway!

I have an obsession with book swag.

I have so much, it won't fit into one picture. lol 

I started collecting bookmarks about 10 years ago and then a few years ago all the authors started sending out bookmarks and postcards with whatever book I won and I accumulated many, many more than I ever thought I would.

My husband doesn't get why I keep all of these but I love bookmarks.

I have piles upon piles of them. I keep them stored in freezer storage bags so they don't get dusty, dirty or folded. 

I do keep out a few to actually use as bookmarks in my books though.

My favorites are my signed bookmarks, bookplates and post cards though. 

I have many, many signed bookmarks, post cards ect and love getting them.

I'm not sure that authors know how much it means to us readers that they take the time to send along a note or a signed bookmark when we win a book from them. I also have many signed books that I really love. 

Some of the signed bookmarks, postcards and notes I have are from Kate Douglas, Tempest Knight, Deanna Jewel, Cora Zane, Cassandra Curtis, Lori Foster, Ashlyn Chase, Sam Cheever, Heidi Betts, Alison Paige, Kate Walker, Cheryl Dragon, Joey W. Hill, Tilly Greene, Lorelei James, Debbie MaComber, Tawny Webber, Stella Cameron, Susanna Car, Jenna Petersen and many more. 

I lost count after 1000 so I know I have more than that now.

Now for the Giveaway!
Would you like to win a signed bookmark or postcard, plus all the swag you see here from my personal stash?

What I have for you is 3 signed pieces of swag...from Cheryl Dragon, Angie Fox, and C.J. Ellisson. Also there will be a refrigerator magnet from Erin McCartney, a door hanger from Heidi Betts, and bookmarks from Tory Richards and Lizzie T. Leaf.  The Lizzie T. Leaf bookmark has the cutest little doggie charm on it. 

If you'd like to win this swag pack, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your email address so I can get in touch with you if you win. Giveaway ends on May 8th.

Sorry, US only. 

Update: Contest is now closed.

A To Z Blogging Challenge: X is For X Factor

I watched this show, the X factor the first season and even the second season but I won't watch it again and this video from the show pretty much shows why.

The judges on the show are not there to help the contestants, they were there to bicker at one another, poke fun at each other, try and one up the other judges. Instead of being a judge and doing the job she was being paid to do and tell one of these contestants which one she thought should go home...Nicole left it up to America's vote- knowing full well that shows like this and American Idol are nothing but popularity contests and the person who has the most friends and most people calling in for them is going to get the votes, not necessarily the person with the most talent.

Nicole Scherzinger didn't do her job and left the vote to America who decided that the guy was the one who was going to stay, Marcus Canty stayed and Rachel Crow was voted off even though she was 1000 times better than he was.

I don't watch this show anymore.