Sunday, May 15, 2016

Product Review: Hitecera Ceramic Veggie Fruit Knife and Peeler Set

Product Description

Made of the highest quality ceramic, embedded within handle to avoid snapping. Exact manufacturer and quality of ceramic knives used in upscale restaurants, culinary schools and households across the USA, designed and tailored for the professional consumer. You simply cannot find a superior ceramic knife set at any price. 

Ideal for home use, professional kitchen use, or for exemplary food preparation. 

My Review

I already own a larger ceramic knife and I've had it for 6 years and I love it. I use it to do all the slicing of vegetables and even meat when I'm cooking because it just glides through potatoes and carrots without me having to press down really hard like with some of my other knives. 

So when I was offered another ceramic knife set that comes with a vegetable peeler too, I was sold and really was looking forward to this. I've been using the peeler and knives for more than a week every time I make vegetables for dinner and start cutting them up, I take out the larger of the two knives and use it and it works really well. 

I used the knifes to peel some apples and pears too and it cut them so easily, I love ceramic knives and can't say enough about this set. It comes in a really cute an colorful box that is suitable for giving as a gift and if you know someone who does a lot of cooking, get them a ceramic knife, they will thank you. 

Disclosure: I was given this knife set at a discount in exchange for an honest review.