Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Ratty Pictures

Fang came out and wanted some cuddles.

He loves to crawl out onto my arm and lay there getting petted whenever I open the cage door. He's very cuddly for me. I've tried getting him and Ken to be friends but Fang turns away from Ken when he tries to pet him and he bit Ken on the nose a few days ago. 

A friend of mine said that Fang probably sees ken as competition for my affection and that's why he's being aggressive. Makes sense. 

Once he's had enough cuddles, he let me know he wants to get down by reaching for him cage. Smart ratty. 

But for the most part, Fang sits in my arms and cuddles with me. I may need to get a shirt with a large pocket so I can wear him when he wants cuddles. 

Bandit is my little goofball. I'm surprised he sat still long enough for me to get even one picture. 

But just look at that little face! He's so full of energy. 

It looks like he's cuddling with me but he's actually digging under my arm, trying to get down. lol 

Ok mom, I sat still and let you take my picture..where's my treat?

Let's go look at the christmas Tree.