Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Book Review: Dragon's Masquerade by Dawn McGraw


Book Description

Get stuck in a snowstorm with this sexy dragon for a trick-or-treat with some heat!
A short romantic Halloween tail from the DRAGONDELL Series!

As problems went, she was a very small one...
But Farryn didn’t have time for problems; he was a dragon on a mission.
Izzy’s Halloween already sucked before the hot guy tried to lock her in the closet…
Why were all the sexy ones crazy?

When Izzy finds herself stuck in a snowstorm and accidentally crashing a masquerade wedding, this little human is in for a dragon-sized surprise.

If you love steamy, instalove, dragon shifter romance, with guaranteed happily ever afters between alpha males and their fated mates, then you won’t want to miss this action packed adventure.

My Review

I haven't read this series but this short novella looked fun so I read it and it was a fun one. Izzy gets stuck on the road after her car breaks down. She wonders into a masquerade party on Halloween and hopes to just stay in from the cold until she can find a phone or a charger to charge her phone. But the party is full of dragon shifters that she thinks are wearing elaborate dragon costumes.  When one of the dragon shifters tries to lock her in a closet for her own safety, she's having none of it and Farryn comes to her rescue. 

Farryn can't let the little human be locked in a closet so he takes care of her so she'll blend in with the rest of the partygoers and she ends up feeling safe with him. Some of the other dragon shifters aren't as nice and want to cause problems. So while Farryn and Izzy are getting closer and getting to know each other, he has to try and stop his rival from messing things up. 

This was such a cute, quick novella. I really liked Farryn and Izzy. Who wants to find their fated mate at a Halloween costume party full of dragon shifters? *raises hand* I offer myself as tribute. I want to go back and read this series now.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.