Thursday, December 31, 2020

Book I Read In 2020

My goal this year was to read 150 books by the end of the year. Here's the list of books that I read.

1. Loki Ascending by Asa Maria Bradley
2. Hero's Haven by Rebecca Zanetti
3. The Enforcer by Abigail Owen
4. Gilded Cage complete series by Fawn Bailey
5. Kodiak's Claim by Eve Langlais
6. Wicked Cowboy Wolf by Kate Ballenger
7. The Wrythe and Reckoning by Yvonthia Leland (The Wrythe and the Reckoning Saga Book 1)
8. Wolf Gone Wild by Juliette Cross
9. Jake by V. Vaughn
10. Passion Surge by Cynthia Sax
11. Sixx by Cara Bristol
12. Forbidden Bond by Lee Colgin
13. Gray Wolf Mate by Dianna Love
14. The Vixen and the Vet by Katy Regnery
15. Reaper by Larissa Ione
16. I Would Love A few To  Soldiers by Trinity Blacio
17. The Werewolf Proposal by Michelle Fox
18. Sasquatch Surprise by Anne Lowe
19. He Ain't Lion by Celia Kyle
20. Mate Claimed by Celia Kyle
21. Chasing Tail by Celia Kyle
22. Forbidden Mate by Cecilia Lane
23. The Vampire's Mail Order Bride
24. Midnight Burning by Karissa Laurel
25. Blood Curse by Adrienne Blake
26. Her Dragon's No Angel by Julia Mills
27. Dragan by D.B. Reynold's
28. Shadow Flight by Christine Feehan
29. The Demigod Complex by Abigail Owen
30. Bears Behaving Badly by Maryjanice Davidson
31. A Nurse For the Wolfman by Eve Langlais
32. Vendetta Road by Christine Feehan
33. Thrill of the Chase by Layla Nash
34. A Toy Story by Hannah Murray
 35. Breeder by Cara Bristol
36. Greta and the Gargoyle by Honey Phillips
37. The Rancher's Best Gift by Stella Bagwell
38. The Pain Eater by Courtney Diles
39. Arctic Dawn by Karissa Laurel
40. Molten Dusk by Karissa Laurel
41. Unforgotten by Cassie Laelyn
42. Forbidden Blood by R. L. Kenderson
43. Caught by the Dragon by Mac Flynn
44. Awakened by Brenda K. Davies
45. A Valentine's Book Coupling by Trinity Blacio and Lia Violet
46. Fantastic Hope by Laurell K. Hamilton
47. Between Ice and Frost by Milly Taiden
48. Disease X by N.J. Croft
49. Flame by Donna Grant
50. Badger to the Bone by Shelly Laurenston
51. Pivot by Kat Martin, Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti
52. Under Fyre by Cara Bristol
53.  Alien Attraction by Cara Bristol
54. Alien Warrior by Sadie Carter
55. Billionaire's Mate by Dawn Wilder
56. Alpha Turned Wolf by KB Alan
57. Something Shifter This Way Comes by Josie Walker
58. Virgin On Vacation by Emily Vincent
59. Claiming Mia by Alisa Woods
60. Bond by Tasha Black
61. Dreaming of the Dragon Shifter by Rinelle Grey
62. Desolation Road by Christine Feehan
63. BloodGifted by Tima Maria Lacoba
64. My Dragon Lord by Alisa Woods
65. His BBN: Big Beautiful Neighbor by Anna L. Henry
66. Wolf Under Fire by Paige Tyler
67. Alpha Contender Boxed Set: by Terry Bolryder
68. After Darkness Falls by May Sage
69. Broken by Rebecca Zanetti
70. Immortal Angel by Lynsay Sands
71. Line of Fyre by Cara Bristol
72. The Demon's Possession by Kiersten Fay
73. Soulfire by Juliette Cross
74. Tempt by Marie Tuhart
75. Forged in Fire by Juliette Cross.
76. Alpha by Cassie Alexandra
77. Forbidden Love by Lee Colgin
78. Tempting The Dragon King by Kiersten Fay
79. Ancient Protector by Katie Reus
80. Dark Song by Christine Feehan
81. Enchant The Night by Amanda Ashley
82. Alexandra's Legacy by N.J. Walters
83. Alien Mischief by Cara Bristol
84. Bear in a Bakery by Liz Paffel
85. Brax by Athena Storm
86. Bound By Shadows by Kathy Lyons
87. Girls of Summer by Nancy Thayer
88. Barbarian Prince by Michelle M Pillow
89. The Blood King by Abigail Owen
90. Ancient Enemy by Katie Reus
91. Christmas Kisses with My Cowboy by Diana Palmer, Marina Adair, Kate Pearce
92. Forbidden Need by Lee Colgin
93. Burning Ash by N.J. Walters
94. Shades of Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
95. Ice by Michelle M. Pillow
96. Spark by Michelle M. Pillow
97. Given To The Beserkers by Lee Savino
98. Axil by Ava Ross
99. Bat's Got Bite by Alexa Gregory
100. Blood Legends: Undead by Kim Peterson
101. Fated For The Bear by Mina Carter
102. Eternity Embraced by Larissa Ione
103. The Dragon Tale by Jaydn Chase
104.  Wyoming True by Diana Palmer 
105. Xavier by D.B. Reynolds
106. Sucker Punch by Laurell K. Hamilton
107. Healing of the Wolf by Cherise Sinclair
108. Inferno by Donna Grant
109. Aton by Cara Bristol
110. Iron Master by Jennifer Ashley
111. Boone by Diana Palmer
112. Beauty and the Lumberjacks by Lee Savino
113. Alpha's Desire by Lee Savino
114. Wyoming Brave by Diana Palmer
115. The Protector by Abigail Owen

My goal had been 150 books and as you can see, I didn't quite make it to that but it was a crazy stressful year so I'm glad I was able to read as many as I did.