Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer With Snuggle Bear

*I'm just giving him a kiss. I'm not trying to tear him apart, I swear." 

So The Snuggle Bear Den site sent some of us a free mini Snuggle Bear to take fun summer pictures with and since I don't go out much, my pictures included fun times with my animals.

Falcor looking a little defeated that he can't have the bear.

Scribbles faced off the bear and then went about his business. 

"Hey can you scratch my back? No? Ok, I'll just get it myself." 

"I don't see you." 

"You aren't gonna give me that bear, are you?" 

And then Snuggle Bear decided to dress up early for Christmas. It's Christmas in August!

And of course he saw some of the sites here in Las Vegas.