Thursday, May 18, 2023

Low Carb Recipe: Spring Roll Bites

I heard that you could fry Spring Roll Wrappers so I decided to try this. 

What you'll need:

You will need 1 spring roll wrapper - cut into bite size pieces. 
1/2 cup Oil for frying
1TBSP butter
1/2 bell pepper- diced
1/4 cup fresh corn
3 mushrooms- sliced

What To Do: 

Melt butter in a small pan, all vegetables and sauté for 7 minutes. Set aside. 
Cut your spring roll wrapper into small bite size pieces. *Do Not Wet With Water First* You want the dry spring roll wrappers right out of the package. About the size of a cracker. They are easy to cut with scissors. 

Next, heat oil in a small pan. Get oil hot before adding in spring roll wrappers. Cut a small piece of the spring roll wrapper as a test piece and add it to the oil. If it immediately puffs up, the oil is hot enough. If it doesn't the oil is not hot enough. 

When your oil is hot enough, add one piece of wrapper to the oil at a time because they will immediately puff up and you have to remove them immediately. Then add the next piece until you have as many as you want. Top with your sautéed vegetables. 

My first try I made the pieces too big but I cut them in half on my second try. You want them to be just small enough to pop the whole thing in your mouth because the wrappers are very fragile and will just fall apart if you try to bite it in half. But they have such a great crunch and are only 14 grams of carbs for 2 spring roll wrappers. Which would make quite a few little bite size snacks. I only used one spring roll wrapper and it made several one bite portions. You can substitute any vegetables you like for this. 

Would you try this?