Thursday, September 30, 2021

Halloween Decorating

My daughter and I love Halloween but she likes it even more than I do. So much so that she couldn't wait for October to start decorating. This is our living room window during the day.

This is what it looks like at night with the lights turned on. 

This is the shelves and cabinet. There's a little Halloween tree in the middle there.

One of the corners in the living room. 

Another corner of the living room. 

I made that pumpkin tree a few years ago. I bought all the supplies at Michael's and glued it all together. I think it's cute.

The wall above the couch.The spiders hanging down from the ceiling are attached to a plastic web that goes from one end to the other of my living room. 

This is the wall that leads to the hallway, bathroom and bedroom. 

The monster over the bathroom door, 

Some of the statues light up. This is what it looks like at night.

My grandson painted a pumpkin that we put on the cabinet. 

My daughter added lights to the Halloween tree on the cabinet. 

Do you decorate for Halloween?