Thursday, July 01, 2021

Book Review- Fever: a Blood Moon Rising Werewolf Romance by Lola Taylor


Book Description

When the Blood Moon rises, the wolves come out to play… and find their mates. Danica has about given up on love. In a last-ditch attempt at finding “the one,” she agrees to a blind date through an online dating service. But instead of finding roses and romance, she finds someone intent on killing her. That is, until the mysterious, brooding Gage shows up to save her…. Gage is running out of time to find a mate. If the Blood Moon sets before he can find her, he’ll lose the rank of packmaster—and the peace within the pack he’s worked so hard to obtain. When he saves a luscious blonde in the parking lot of a bar, he has no idea she is his mate—until he Marks her with his touch. Determined to keep her safe at any cost, Gage whisks Danica away into a hidden world full of lust, unlikely love, and treachery. Someone’s put a hit on his mate, and he’s hell-bent on finding out who, all while the Blood Moon looms closer, threatening to destroy his chances at true love forever. That is, if something—or someone—doesn’t kill the woman he’s falling for first.

My Review

Danica is supposed to meet her date at a bar but the guy never shows up. There are a lot of guys in the bar but none of them come up to her even though they check her out so she decides to leave. That's when her date steps out of the shadows and tries to kill her. But Gage, one of the guys from the bar steps in and saves her. 

Gage notices the human in the bar but he doesn't have time for a human right now since he has very little time to find his mate. Gage is a werewolf shifter and he thinks that his mate would also be a werewolf shifter but when he saves Danica, he gets the surprise of his life. A human is his mate and her life just became crazy. 

At first Danica thinks she's been drugged because some of the things she's just witnessed can't possibly be true. After a little time getting her bearings back at Gage's house, she comes to the realization that it's not a hallucination and her life will never be the same. Gage has to find the crazy shifter that is trying to kill his mate but getting to him brings them both face to face with a lot of danger. The danger doesn't stop them from lusting after each other after the mate marks appear on both of them though. 

Gage and his pack are great but there seemed to be a lot of drama going on. They don't really trust Gage to be their alpha because of their last alpha and that causes some problems. Plus the fact that they have to follow some kind of ritual mating ceremony where they have to mate (have sex) in front of the entire pack was a bit weird to me. And she didn't even put up any kind of fight about it. After freaking out at first she just kinda takes everything ok after that which really didn't seem like her personality at all. 

I liked the story premise and most of the story was good but parts of it didn't work for me. 

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.