Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Review: Lone Wolf by Diana Palmer. Rebecca Zanetti and Kate Pearce


Book Description

Headlined by western romance legend Diana Palmer, three celebrated New York Times bestselling authors combine their talents to celebrate the wildest version of man's best friend--the noble wolf. Each novella revolves around a rugged man and his trusty wolf protector as an opportunity for happily ever afters arise. Filled with sizzling tension and well-drawn characters--animal and human alike--this anthology is sure to resonate with readers looking to answer the call of the wild.

Loyal as a wolf--and just as strong and untamed--three solitary heroes are about to meet their perfect partners, in this thrilling collection from a trio of New York Times bestselling authors...

Fleeing her mother's killer, Esther Marist ends up at a rugged stranger's cabin. A wildlife rehabilitator with a menagerie that includes an elderly wolf, Matthews isn't the type to turn any creature away. As Esther heals, she realizes how much danger she's brought to his door--and how far he'll go to protect her.

Beth Baker senses her grumpy summer tenant must be in trouble when his pet wolf shows up at her door, demanding she follow. Conner O'Neil, solitary and stubborn, doesn't want Beth's help--but only he can show her how to trust again.

Trent Logan has his ranch, his friends, and his wolf, and that's more than enough--until a shivering city girl runs into the Cattle Club to escape a Wyoming storm. Her eyes hold a world of secrets, and he'll have to face the demons of his own past in order to save them both.

My Review

There are three stories in this anthology so I will be doing a mini review for each one. 

Colorado Cowboy by Diana Palmer

When Esther's mother is killed right in front of her by her mother's boyfriend, she knows that she has to escape before the boyfriend can come after her for money. When she ran, she hitchhiked somewhere safe, but her body gave out in the snow right in front of Butch's cabin. He lived there by himself but had a three legged wolf named Two-Toes. 

Butch found her in the snow and brought her in his cabin. She told him that she saw her mother's boyfriend kill her and planned on getting a job and staying away from the boyfriend. He let her stay with him and after a little while they got close but she made the mistake of not telling him how rich she was especially after she inherits all of her mother's things. She should have gone to the police and told them what happened but she was scared that the boyfriend, Darrin would find her and he had connections that could find her. So while there was a bit of a hiccup when Butch found out that Esther was loaded, things worked out in the end. I really liked this story. 

The Wolf On Her Doorstep by Kate Pearce

Beth checked in on Conner who hadn't picked up his groceries at the market for a couple of weeks and found he had an infected leg and a high fever. Beth stayed at his cabin overnight to take care of him after consulting with the town doctor. He's grumpy and she's got some baggage from her abusive ex but they got along really well. His wolf, Loki was a big sweetie and helped get help for Conner. There's some drama with her two teenage sons and her ex but this was a really sweet story. 

Rescue: Cowboy Style by Zebecca Zanetti

Hallie and Trent met when her car broke down and she walked a couple of miles in a storm until she saw lights and ended up at a party on Trent's property. She tries to keep it a secret but Trent and his brother's are all trained killers so they know that she's keeping something from them. When she finally comes clean what she's on the run from, Trent enlists his brother's help to remedy the situation. There's a wolf that lives on or near his property but for the most part keeps his distance until Hallie starts staying there and then he wants to be around her all the time. When Hallie realizes that Trent might be dangerous she runs but Trent easily finds her and explains things to her. This was a great story. I liked the action, danger and interesting men Trent's brothers are. I will definitely be reading more of this series. 

I requested this book from NetGalley because I love Diana Palmer's books but all of these stories were really good books. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. 

I received an e-ARC from NetGalley but all thoughts and opinions are my own.