Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Some days I wish I had never gotton out of bed...

What a strange Mouth At Side day I've had. First I go to the store at 5am this morning, because I couldn't sleep and I figured why not get some shopping done before it get brain Perplexed boiling hot outside. Even tho it was only 98 degree's today..Oh and don't forget we in nevada get Tongue Out "a dry heat" Yeah tell me that when when it's 115 degrees out side and YOUR air in your car goes out. heh.

Anyway so I come back from the store and what do I find on my door step? Oh c'mon you'll never ever guess this one. Ok, I'll tell ya. Open Mouth I find Mr. loud Music from next door alseep in front of my door and half infront of his door. Alseep, yeah more like passed out Baring Teeth from a long night of drinking. 6am and I have an arm full of bags and no way to get in my apartment. I put my bags down and go around the back and knock on my bedroom window and wake up Ken. He's looking at me like I'm an alien out the window and I motion for him to open the window, when I tell him what the problem is he just looks at me like, you have got to be kidding, right? I go around to the front and music man is still sleeping, sprawled out in front of my door. Now there is NO way that I can get this huge man up, so Ken has no way to get out of the apartment. LOL He gets a screwdriver and prys open the front window screen and pops it off and climbs out, by now he's pissed. He shakes music man realllly hard and the guy hardly moves. So he does what any pissed off man would do to a drunk laying in front of his door. He slapped him across the face. Shocked LOL and yelled at him to get the hell up. lol We finally got the keys out of the guys pants pocket and I took his feet as Ken took his upper body and half carried half dragged him in his apartment. Now guess who shows up right as we get music man on his couch? Yep, the apartment manager. He said someone called him and said we were yelling at someguy in front of our door. LOL Poor tom (the manager) can't stop laughing Lol when we tell him what happened. I can laugh now but at the time it wasn't funny. I havent seen music man but I wonder if he remembers how he got inside?