Monday, November 07, 2011

Old Pictures

My older sister found a picture of our grandparents holding my dad and my aunt when they were really young.

I love finding old pictures of family members that I haven't seen before. But when I showed this to my dad he was completely surprised by it because he'd never seen it either. My sister found it in her things and when my mom passed away this past June, I inherited her photos and have been going through them all.

Ever since I was 12 years old, I have been collecting the family's photo albums. It started with just one...and then there were 2 and 3 and 10. When I had my daughter we took countless pictures of her and us and I ended up with more than 20 full size photo albums full of pictures. Now that my mom passed away and I now have all of her pictures, I had to buy 2 more huge photo albums and I still need at least two more to be able to fit all the pictures into them.

But as I was going through the pictures I noticed I didn't know who some of the people in the pictures were. There are a lot of black and white pictures of people I don't recognize. So because my daughter wants to inherit all these photo albums when I pass on, I started writing the names of every one in the pictures on the back of all the photos who I know they are. That way my daughter will know who they are and how they are related to her.

How I Get Free Stuff...

*I thought I would share this post again for those of you that didn't see it the last time I posted it.*

I tell my friends and family all the time how I get free things coming to me and some of them have tried it and they don't have the same results that I have. So I am going to tell you the websites that I belong to in order to get free stuff and maybe you'll be able to get free stuff too.

Swagbucks Sign up here and search like you would on Google or yahoo to earn swagbucks periodically. Turn in those swagbucks for gift cards or other merchadise.

Inbox dollars sign up with Inbox Dollars and click on the emails they send you and shop with them for points that you can turn into real money. This one takes more time to do but in the past 2 years I have gotten $120.00 from them.

The Tasters This is from Nescafe tasters choice coffee. Sign up and if they pick you to be a taster, you will get free samples of coffee to host Coffee parties with. Take pictures of your party and submit them for points that you can then use to buy gifts cards like They also have a bunch of other surveys and activities for you to do that will also give you points that you can turn in for Gift cards.

Free Grabber This is where you will find a bunch of free samples to sign up for.

Free Silver Jewelry On this page they show you a few pieces of pretty silver jewelry that you can get for free...All you have to do is pay $6.99 for shipping and handling. I have bought earrings, rings and pendants from them and they are really pretty and good quality for the price. I'm wearing one of the rings right now.

Vocal Point Sign up with them, comment on the message board and other topics on teh site and periodically they will send you free samples and coupons for full size free products as well as coupons that you can share with your friends and family. But you have to comment a few times a week on the boards and topics in order to keep the samples coming, but it is well worth the effort. I get samples and coupons all the time.

Actual free Samples A site full of free samples to sign up for.

Hey Its Free A site for great free samples. The guy that writes about the free samples is totally funny too.

Samples FromTarget Target gives out samples periodically. But they go quickly.

My View This is a survey taking website. You sign up, take the surveys they send you and get points for the ones you qualify for. Then turn them into cash or prizes.

My Survey This is another survey website that you take survey to get points which you can turn into prizes and gift cards.

Harris Poll Another survey website to take survey and earn points that can be cashed in for prizes and gift cards.

Zoompanel Another website that has you take surveys and gives you points for them that you can cash in for prizes or gift cards.

American Consumer Opinion Sign up with them and when they send you surveys that you qualify for, you get money that you can cash out after you have accumulated $5.00

Just Some of the things I have gotten so far this year for free.
Cheryl Dragon T- shirt
1 Pair of EZ Sox
Sample of Purina Smart Blend
4 free business cards from StarBucks
Button- I'm Human
Charisma Carpenter T-shirt
Beneful Dog food sample
Cybdi bands hair tie sample
Crest white strips sample
seattles Best coffee sample
Herbal Essences shampoo sample
Tylenol stress kit
Prilosec OTC sample
Sample of valspar paint and mini roller
Kirkland Brand Antibacterial wipes sample
Tide Stain release 10ct. sample
Sample of Tide Detergent

Coupons for full size freebiesBreve Creme
Nestle Pure life Multi Pack
2 Buitoni Meal packs
2 Hot pocket boxes
2 Boxes of Lean pockets
1 package of Nestle toll house refrigerated cookie dough
2 Bottles of Nestle Juicy juice
1 Stouffer's party size meal
1 Canister of Nestle Tasters Choice coffee

Books I have gotten for free.
I have received over 50 books for free from entering blog contests and giveaways. gift cards
I have received $90.00 in gift cards from giveaways and contests on blogs and over $500.00 from cashing in the points I had on the different surveys.

Some free samples require you to sign up for them on Facebook and for that reason I have another FB account solely for freebies.

This is not a complete list of the things I have won because I forgot to write some of the things down when they came. But you get the idea. All of these freebies are just in the last 6 months.