Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Review: The Werewolf Proposal by Michelle Fox

Book Description

Bitten and hunted by the werewolf who turned her, Audrey found safety and love in Tao's arms. But now that their enemy is defeated, she finds adjusting to life as a werewolf harder than she anticipated.

And even though passion burns hot and bright between them, she's unsure of Tao's intentions when it comes to their relationship.

Is she just another werewolf to him or the mate he's always wanted?

This is a quick, steamy read. It is not a novel. FYI.

My Review

I saw this was free on Amazon and was in the mood for something quick and this is only 17 pages so it was quick. 

Audrey feels safe but wants more, she wants to know that Tao is going to be there for her forever. Tao loves her and wants to make sure that she knows he's gonna be there for her forever. 

This book must take place after the book before it because there's mentioning that she was turned into a werewolf and not by her new mate. This was a sweet, romantic short story of how Tao proposes to Audrey so they can get their Happily ever after. 

Since I haven't read this author before, I don't know what happened previously but these two characters have me interested in this authors books now because I really liked them and this sexy story. If anything this short story gave me a glimpse into this authors writing style and made me interested enough for me to look for other books.

I give this short story 3 out of 5 stars.