Thursday, February 14, 2019

Review: Daily Goodie Box- February

The Daily Goodie Box has been around since about July of 2016. I signed up for an account right after I heard about them. They are 100% free, you don't even have to pay for shipping. And for a free box it's a nice sampler box of products.

What did I receive?

Sprig - CBD-Infused Soda- This is the 2nd CBD infused soda that I've tried and I have to say, I'm not a fan. They just don't have a good flavor to me.

Zest Tea - High Octane Tea- I'm a tea drinker so I'm always up to trying a new tea and this was pretty good. I didn't feel any extra energy from it though. Had a nice subtle flavor though.

Undercover Chocolate Co - Crispy Quinoa Snacks- I wasn't sure I would like this but it was good! The chocolate was really good and the quinoa gave it a nice crunch.

Dimension Nails - Premium Nail Lacquer- The color of this nail polish was a yellow, almost the color of dijon mustard. Not really a color I would wear but my daughter liked it so I gave to her. I think someone younger can wear colors like this one.

AWSB - Organic Wild Bar Soaps- This was called Horsemint which I'm guessing is a plant. But it had tea tree in it which I didn't like the scent. My daughter loved the scent so I gave it to her and she said it works really well.

Flickable - Lollipop Lip Gloss- How cute is this! I love this. What a cute idea and the color is so nice. I like how it goes on wet and dries down a bit like a matte lipstick. The color lasts a while too.

CURAD - Germ Shield Antimicrobial Wound Gel- This went right into my first aid kit. Next time one of us gets a cut or scrape, this will be good to have around. And it's from a brand that I already like.

Bambo Nature- I was sent a sample of baby oil, lotion, cream and body wash. All of these items are baby items and had no scent which is good for sensitive baby skin. I tried the lotion, body wash and cream and they all left my skin feeling soft.

All they ask you to do is try the products and leave reviews for the products you got in order to be eligible for more Free Goodie Boxes. As you guys already know, I'm a fan of all these types of boxes. I love all the different subscription boxes and it's really nice to be able to try new to me products for free. This is a great box to try for.

 Oh and one more thing, if you visit their FB Page, they give away Goodie Boxes to people who interact with their posts. So if you've tried before and weren't able to get a Goodie Box, there's even more ways to get one now. 

I'm a fan of subscription boxes and love trying new products for free so this was a huge hit with me. New products+free box = Fabulous!

Have you signed up? Have you received one of these boxes?

Disclosure: This box was given to me for free in exchange for a blog review but all opinions are my own.