Thursday, May 09, 2019

Review: Wolf Tales 9 by Kate Douglas

Book Description

Tonight, They Come

In the dead of a Montana night, all the Chanku packs have gathered, not for a hunt, but for a vigil. As Tia and Luc prepare for the arrival of their twins, Chanku from across the country wait--and share their stories of becoming. . .

For each, embracing the truth of who and what they are has been a life-altering experience. From Anton and Oliver's journey of discovery to Jacob Trent's dark night of the soul; from the intensely powerful relationship Mik and AJ shared even before they knew about Chanku to Stefan's torturous feral years, the stories are woven together by common threads: loneliness, brutality, tenderness--and the ultimate satisfaction of finding one's place in the pack.

The revelations of primal desire and human need made this night will bring the Chanku closer than even they dreamed possible. But will the bond be strong enough when the united packs are called upon to save the most vulnerable among them. . .?

My Review

Tia and Luc are are waiting for Tia to go into labor and have the twins she's carrying. The pack gathered around to help Tia and Luc in different ways. The women are able to share the pain of Tia's labor so that she's not in so much pain. Other pack members are there to keep Luc calm so he can be calm for Tia. 

While they are all waiting for the big moment to come, the pack members start telling their stories of how they met or were intimate for the first time together. There were so many stories and it was a great way to get to know so many of the pack members. All the while the stories are being told, some of the women are sitting around telepathically sharing the labor pains for Tia so she's not in pain. Now that's something I would love to have for us humans. I doubt we'll ever get it though. 

These pack members are all Chanku shape shifters and have powers like being able to share pain, thoughts and even go in and repair damage to bodies telepathically, which was really cool. There's quite a bit of sex in this book as the characters are telling their stories, but it fit with the theme of seeing through their stories how they first got together. 

Things seem to be going well and then we get hit with a bit of trouble but it was so sweet how things worked out. I can't say much about it without giving away too much but some of these characters being able to communicate telepathically with one another really helped when they needed it. I enjoyed this one and enjoyed getting to know the characters a bit more through their stories. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.