Sunday, September 20, 2015

RIP Scribbles

I rescued both Scribbles and Flower at the same time, March of last year from a lady who no longer wanted them. He was very friendly or social but after a few weeks of interacting with him, he became such a sweet boy. When I shared my food with him, he'd always put him paw it in and it made me laugh.

He played in the ball pit..mostly just walked through it and ignored the balls.

Was always ready to come out and say hi.

And posed for pictures last Halloween. 

Falcor always wanted to play with him but he just sat there eating his food ignoring the dog completely.

And posed for more pictures. He loved coming out to play, share my food and get some cuddles with us.

Then a few weeks ago he started getting sick and I started him on antibiotics right away. He got better and then got sicker really fast. The last week he was with me, he was so spoiled, he got pretty much anything he wanted including ice cream, baby foods, cream of wheat, meat balls and of course yogies. 

Scribbles passed away yesterday afternoon. He was 2.5 years old. 

RIP my little man.