Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Favorite Picture of the Week

In the middle of last month my daughter's AC went out in the evening and with temperatures being around 100F (37C) at midnight, she and her cat came to spend the night at our place. We weren't sure that Falcor would get along with Lucifer but Lucifer is such a chill cat and didn't care about the dog at all, they got along great.  Lucifer decided that this chair was his bed and spent a lot of time there. 

Falcor looked a bit crazy when Lucifer was checking out the dog bed but he didn't stay in it for long. While they didn't cuddle up together, they did fall asleep about 2 feet apart on the floor. Falcor followed him around, sniffing him for a while and Lucifer pretty much ignored Falcor. lol 

We watched Lucifer the next day while my daughter went to work and she called her apartment manager and had her AC fixed that day. But now we know they get along if the need ever arises again.