Sunday, August 21, 2016

Review: Universal Yums Subscription Box

Universal Yums is a monthly subscription box that sends you snacks from all over the world. A different place each month. This month's box is from Taiwan. There are two box sizes to choose from. The 6 or more snacks or 12 or more snacks. I chose the 6 or more snacks box.  For my box size, it's $13.00 a month. And they sent quite a bit in my box. The other box costs $25.00 a month.

So I was sent 13 snacks in my box. Candies, cookies, chips and chewy candy. This months box is from Taiwan. It was interesting to try the different snacks because I've never had any of these things. I'm going to share with you a few of the more interesting things I found and my favorites.

I tried the Taro Mochi Cake first and it turned out to be one of the best things in the box. This is what the pamphlet said about it...

Taro Mochi Cake. Mochi is a sticky, chewy Japanese treat made from glutinous rice. In this Taiwanese take on the classic Japanese dessert, they've wrapped the mochi in a sweet butter cake and flavored the mochi with taro, a purple sweet potato.

It had a really soft feel to it. It was so soft that I could press down on it and let go and it would spring back into shape. It was so strange but wonderful. It had a sweet taste to it but I couldn't quite put my finger on the flavor. Maybe because I've never had taro or purple sweet potato before.

Then I tried a crunchy chocolate roll cookie thing which was really good and a Hi-Chew that was Lychee flavored. I didn't care for it but Ken liked it. 

The worst thing in the box was the Prince Noodles. It was like crushed Ramen noodles and Ramen seasoning and you were supposed to eat it right out of the package...not cooked or anything. It was not good and Ken didn't care for it either. 

I liked most of the candies in this box and the other things were interesting to try. Have you ever had any of these things?