Sunday, October 01, 2017

Review: Jarek by Celia Kyle as Erin Tate

Book Description

What's hotter than an alien with scales? An alien with wings and scales, not to mention a hot body.

At 457 Preor years old, Jarek sen Claron is a dragon ready for his final flight into the skies. This voyage to Earth as the War Master of the third fleet will be his final assignment. Once he has helped his fellow Preors secure human mates, he will return to Preor before the madness of loneliness overtakes his mind.

That all changes when he meets Melissa. Human Melissa with her sparkling eyes, bright smile, and body that would make any hot-blooded male drool. Unfortunately, she never registered as a Preor mate hopeful. No matter, the Knowing stretches between them and there is no way she can resist him. Until she does.

Jarek wishes to give her the choice to mate him, while everything inside him screams to take Melissa beneath his wing, now. No choosing necessary.

But should he draw her to his side when his enemies are circling? Many males do not believe the son of a Preor mass murderer deserves to have a mate. Can he survive the coming battles? Or will he die without tasting sweet Melissa's lips?

My Review

Jarek was over 400 years old, soon he would be too old to be of any good to anyone because he hadn't found his mate yet. But things might be looking up since his people had made an agreement with the people of Earth. Some human females had volunteered to be possible mates for the alien race who were looking for females. 

Melissa was just playing with the youngling when a new arrival caught her eye. Jarek knew right from the moment he heard her laughing that she was his, the knowing had hit him. The knowing is what happens to the Preor when they find their mates and he had just found his. 

Melissa hadn't signed up to be one of the possible mates though so that was something that Jarek had to work through. Melissa felt the knowing just as Jarek did and felt the pull to be with Jarek but she resists the pull and him even though it's hard. 

Then Jarek gets injured, while he's recuperating they start to get to know each other and find themselves getting closer. There's a problem because there are those who don't want Jarek to find his mate and that causes all kinds of problems. 

I love Melissa and not just because that happens to be my middle name. She is scared at times but she doesn't let that stop her from doing what she thinks is right or what scares her. I really enjoyed this book and plan on reading more in this series. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.