Saturday, May 09, 2015

Review: Leopardd RFID Safe Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder

Product Description
Save thousands in Losses and Headaches: What takes seconds to destroy. Be safe and protected from Electronic Pickpocketing: Safe, Secure, Blocking protection from all RFID scanners and readers
Enjoy premium quality: using High quality stainless steel from top manufacturer.

Easy click button for opening and closing,Latches safely and securely when not in use. Polished Stainless design looks shiny.

Have peace of mind when Travelling: It is a must have when on vacations or traveling overseas. great for using on public transportation and crowded places - keep the worry away and be protected all the time.

Buy confidently with our 100% Money Back Guarantee: No questions asked and hassle free.

My Review
With all the news reports of people being able to hack, copy or take control of your credit cards and ATM cards, it's nice to see products on the market like this one that will prevent a would be thief from getting your info from the cards you happen to be carrying with you.

This stainless steel credit card holder is small, sleek and made really well. It's small enough to go in a pocket, purse, bag or where ever you need it to go. 

It has enough space to comfortably fit 6 cards into it while closing and staying closed. I think this would make an excellent gift or stocking stuffer. As far as the RFID blocking capabilities, I have not had the chance to test this out as I don't work at a place that could try to scan this or know anyone who had that capability. But after reading other reviews on Amazon where I purchased this, I read others have said it works really well in that regard. In any case I think this would work for someone who is worried about that sort of thing. 

If you'd like to purchase your own, you an do that here

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review.