Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Review: Shiftr Swipe Left For Love :Dina: book 1 by Ariana Hawkes

Book Description

* * * Can be read as a standalone book. * * *

What if your fated mate was just an app swipe away?

Curvy Dina Taylor hates the idea of online dating. It's something kids do, not 36-year old women, whose boyfriends have left them for the office intern. But her best friend Lauren has a secret she's bursting to share: there are men out there who absolutely love voluptuous girls like her. All Dina has to do is tap Shiftr, the cute little paw-print app that Lauren has just installed on her phone.

In the time it takes Dina to get over her shock that there are guys who can shift into animals, she's hit up by Logan - a dark-eyed bear-guy with a torso like sculpted marble and eyes like pools of lust. He tells her that he feels a magnetic connection to her, but before she can tell him that the feeling's mutual, her clumsy thumb swipes the wrong way, and he's gone.

Dina is distraught, but Tamika, the creator of Shiftr has a cunning plan that may just bring them together again. Will Dina find the sexy Logan in the midst of the eccentric matchmaker's beautiful, opulent summer garden party? And will they discover that they're fated to be together?

This is a standalone, short, sweet, steamy read, perfect for a lunch break, bath time, or a little dose of me-time, wherever you are. HEA and no cliffhanger!

Note: This book and all other books in the Hope Valley Dating App series are standalone and can be read completely independently.

My Review

When I found this book it was free and it might still be if this sounds like a book that you'd like. 

Dina hasn't dated since she broke up with her boyfriend but her best friend wants to show her a new APP and wants her to date again. This APP is different, all the men are shifters and are looking for mates. So Lauren tells Dina all about the APP and the shifters and Dina can hardly believe they are real but when she is looking over the men on the site, she falls hard for one guy in particular. Only problem is Dina isn't tech savvy and swipes the wrong way and her dream guy disappears. Thankfully Lauren has a solution, there's a party happening where most of the shifter men will be attending and her mystery man might very well be there. 

Logan was excited to find what he thought was his perfect mate on the dating APP and then she disappeared, so he was really hoping she would be at the garden party so he could see if she would give him a second chance. 

I loved how sweet and attentive Logan was. He's truly a big cuddly bear and I really liked his personality. My only problem with this book was how fast Dina believed in shifters and how easily she got over her shock of it all. The instalove is another things that bothered me but I can see how it went with the story line for this book.

I enjoyed the book, it was a sweet, quick read and both of the main characters were very likable. It's just too bad I couldn't find this APP in the APP store when I looked. *wink*

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.