Monday, November 26, 2012

The Generation Gap

When my daughter was little I thought I made sure to expose her to some of the great classic movies of my youth, you we would have something to talk about when she got

But I realize I didn't do a good job because she told me that her boyfriends father asked her a couple of questions about Star Trek and she didn't know the answer to them. So I asked her what the questions were and she told me her asked her who Luke's father was? O.o

I asked her if she meant Star Wars? She looked at me and said, "Yeah whatever, they're practically the same thing."



Did I just hear that right?

Say it ain't so....

I am a Trekkie, so this is an offense to me. I watched Star Trek all the time when my daughter was a kid, but she said she didn't like the show. Omg, was she switched at birth?

I've tried having her sit and watch some of the older 80's horror movies with me...but she laughs at them. She thinks they are cheesy... Now that's the real Horror.