Saturday, September 16, 2023

Your First Mistake Was To Threaten Me..


My daughter's ex bf left this threatening comment on my Tiktok video before I blocked him and reported this comment for harassment.  I want to warn people not to buy dogs from this guy, he's bad news.  He wants to breed dogs and sell puppies. Dude shouldn't have involved me at all because now this screenshot is being blasted all over social media. He goes by these names on social media. bigaaron-babybluebullies, bigaaron_, babybluebullies and brothaaharon. And he also has a facebook page where he shows his crazy. 12TN Israelite News & Community

You don't get to threaten to kill my dog and think I'll do nothing about it. 


Since some of you have told me to call the police and make a report I googled what the law is about this and it said I could call animal control or the police to make a report since animal cruelty is against the law in every state. So I called animal control and he told me that I could make an incident report since I don't have this man's actual address or license plate number and the incident report would be on file in case anything escalated.

New Update: 

My daughter's ex made a fake account on Tiktok because I blocked all the ones I knew about and he wanted to spy on my account. He saw the post I made about him threatening to kill my dog and he got mad and made a post on his account. My daughter saw it and sent me a screen shot. He's mad I called him out but not surprisingly he cropped out the part where I said he threatened to kill my dog and just left the part where I told my neighbor who he was also harassing on Tiktok about his other account names. Down in small letters in the description is says, "How can you be old and petty." And yes, I reported his account for harassment and reported the comment for harassment. But they just deleted the comment and let him keep his account. 

New Update: 

My daughter's ex is still making trouble/drama. On Tiktok my daughter and I are friends with our elderly neighbor named Dorothy and she has also been having problems with my daughter ex, Aaron. So when Dorothy made a comment on my daughters Tiktok video, Aaron decided it was a good idea to say, " And yo old ass need to go lay tf down" to my elderly neighbor. This isn't the first time he's said something like this to her either but he deleted his other comment. Oh and he refuses to leave my daughter alone. He keeps messaging her on different apps and if she blocks him he makes fake accounts and message's her again. So she's just letting him send her messages and she's screen shotting all of them in case things escalate and she needs to get the police involved.

The day after Aaron left that nasty comment on her comment my neighbor made this on Tiktok. If you can't read what it says, it says, " This is the same guy that's up here at three or four times this is the same man that you banned for messing with me now he's still doing it. " 

Then at the bottom in the description it says, " Look and see who did you band for for this guy threaten it kills Mary dog this is the same guy tried to steal my car for real this is the same guy just called me some kind of old hag he have another page name Aaron you band the other one look and see who that you been"

Now I know what she wrote doesn't make a lot of sense but essentially, he was standing in front of her car one night and she thinks he was going to steal it and he's made other nasty remarks to her on Tiktok. He has a bunch of different accounts so if one gets banned, he has others to use to harass people.  

Here's a new update:

3 days ago from today 7/28/2023 My daughter's ex was contacting her trying to get her back and she noticed this post on his fb page. He has a bully (female) and his roommate has a male pitbull and his female had a puppy. he bought his dog for the sole purpose of having and selling puppies (backyard breeder) so when my daughter saw this post she asked him why he was giving away the puppy that he was going to sell for money. 

That's when he told her that his roommates dog bit the puppy and he didn't have money for a vet. She had no plans on getting back together with him but kept talking to him just long enough to get his new address so she could call Animal Control to go check on the puppy and make sure it was ok. Then she blocked him again. The thing is he just makes more fake accounts and messages her again. But once Animal Control went to his apartment, he wrote to her mad and he blocked her. So maybe he'll leave her alone now. 

Then on Friday 7/28/23 an Animal Control officer came to our apartment to get some more information from my daughter about the incident but didn't tell her the outcome of their visit to his apartment. But at least they are investigating it and hopefully the puppy is alright. So yeah, here's a warning not to buy your puppies from this guy. 

/And one of his Tiktok accounts was banned. Hmm, I wonder how that happened?


Update: 9/16/2023

A few weeks ago my daughter got back together with him. Gave him another chance. Yes, I know it was a mistake. And a couple of days ago they got into another argument and he came to my apartment, ripped up a plant we had growing in the garden, threatened to slap my daughter, threatened to throw a chair through our living room window, and took our chairs we had sitting by our door and threw them in the dumpster. We know it was him because our neighbor's video camera caught him on video doing it. It's a little hard to see but first he pulls up the plant and then he takes the chairs to the dumpster. He tried to lie about it until my daughter sent him the video. 

The plant/tree he uprooted out of our garden and left on the sidewalk. 

So my daughter broke up with him again and called the police to make a report. 

And since he did all this by our apartment and he brought this drama right to my door, I sent him a text. 

This is Mary,  Elizabeth's mom. 
I've tried to stay out of the drama between you and my daughter even though you've tried to pull me in a few times,  but now you've brought the drama right to my door by pulling up our plant and putting our chairs into the garbage can. This is considered destruction of private property. In the past you threatened to kill my dog and now you threatened to hit my daughter and break my apartment window. 
This text message serves as notice to not contact my daughter or myself ever again,  not to come to my door and not to touch anything that belongs to me or my daughter. Any further contact will be considered harassment and I will call the police to press charges. If anything happens to me,  my daughter,  my dog,  my apartment or my belongings,  yours is the first name I will give to the police because no one else has beef with us. This is the only warning you will get,  next time the police will be involved by me."

Hopefully this is the end of this but if not, I'll post more updates.