Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Review: Her Vampire Bad Boy (Midnight Doms book 5) by Brenda Trim


Book Description

The moment she walks into the club
My hunger roars to life.
After centuries of walking alone--
feeling nothing. Caring for no one.
The demon, the dominant in me--awoke.
Something's different about the lovely human with a delicious scent.
My curious little innocent.

For the first time, I feel. I need. I crave.
And only she can satisfy.
She’s MINE.

My Review

Harper leaves home because her very religious parents tried to force her into an arranged marriage with a man she didn't love. She's out with her friends at a club that makes her anxious as well as aroused and she's completely out of her element.

Liam is the bouncer at Club Toxic and once he spots Harper he wants to get to know her better. When a bunch of wolf shifters show up and wreck the place, he has to get her and the other humans out of there afterwards and try to help clean things up. But he wants to spend time with her instead. 

Harper is sent home without the memories of what happened at the club but shifters find her at home and attack her. Liam shows up and helps her get away from them and takes her back to his place where he lets her see he's a vampire. At his place he has a bit of a dungeon room or play room and can tell that it excites Harper when she sees it even though she's a virgin. 

Liam is gentle with her, letting her get used to him and his ways even though he's a very dominant vampire. He doesn't realize it right away but he's fallen for her faster than he expected to and she feels the same way about him. So when she goes and gets herself in danger because she thought it was ok to go back to work, Liam loses his mind at the thought of her getting hurt. I really liked Liam's sire and his mate and how they all worked together. 

This book was everything a vampire lover could want in a book. The BDSM aspects of the book were done well and were not overly violent or harsh. I had a lot of fun reading this book and I love Liam and Harper. I'm definitely going to be reading more of this series. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.