Sunday, February 21, 2016

Product Review- Show You Care Packages (48 Count) Snack Packages

My Review

This would make a really nice care package or to send to someone in a dorm or who has kids because there are a lot of small packs of cookies, crackers, nuts and candy. If you're making lunch for yourself or someone else to take with them each day, this is a great thing to have to be able to pop in one or two different snacks a day with a sandwich. My daughter was making a sandwich for herself to take t work each day and adding a snack size bag or chips, cookies or crackers in her bag and with this she got to pick something different each day without me having to buy large boxes of several different types of snacks to have on hand. The price is a bit high but that's what you pay for the convenience of having so many different snacks on hand. 

In addition to the snack size bags of chips, cookies and crackers, there's also at least 10 individual pieces of candy. My family loved it and it's nice to have a small snack for my grandson when he comes over. As you can see in my photo there's a little something for everyone and I'm happy to say that everything was fresh and not stale at all. 

If you'd like to order this, you can find it on Amazon. When I ordered it, the price was $29.95.