Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review: Precisio Tweezers

I haven't bought a pair of tweezers in years. The last time I had a new pair of tweezers is when I won a grab bag at a party and it had a pair of tweezers, a nail file and a brush in it. That was about 15 years ago, so as you can tell I was in need of a new pair of so I bought the Precisio Tweezers.

My husband is a maintenance man and does things around the house and sometimes when working with wood, he'll get the occasional splinter. Since my old pair of tweezers didn't work well at all, I would end up having to take a pair of nail clippers or a needle and dig the splinter out- not fun.

*This is what the tweezers looked like when I opened the package.*

Hubby just so happened to get a splinter in the side of his hand while cutting wood with his hand saw and I used this opportunity to use my new tweezers and in less than 5 seconds I had grabbed the offending piece of wood and tugged it out. The tweezers worked really well and held on great. 

I don't pluck my eyebrows, I never have. I really have no need to. But that's not the only use for a pair of tweezers. I used my new tweezers to grip seed beads while I ran a thread through them while I worked on making a new beaded bracelet and it worked great. 

These tweezers also come with a case for storage so you'll never have to worry whether or not your tweezers are dirty. 

I really liked the Precisio Tweezers and recommend them. If you'd like to buy a pair you can find them here