Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Book Review: Craze by Sedona Venez


Book Description

When Misty is abducted from Earth by terrifying beastly-looking aliens, she’s ready to fight for her life. But when the spaceship crash lands on an alien planet, and she’s rescued by Craze, a sexy alien warrior prince, she doesn't know what to think.

When Craze rescues her, he doesn’t expect to find his fated mate Misty, with her lush curves and tempting body. Now all he can think about is claiming all of her…soul, heart, and body…for his very own. And he will stop at nothing to claim her.

Craze demands the right to take her under his protection. But all Misty wants is a way to get back to earth and the life she was taken from. And there is no way in hell that she’d fall for the sexy, overbearing alien warrior prince, who is determined to make her his own…

My Review

Misty is abducted by big, ugly aliens. She finds out that they plan to sell her and the other females aboard the ship to slavers. She knows she has to get off the ship but she has no idea how. Then Craze, another alien from a different planet comes to her rescue and rescues her and the others from the ship. Because of the translator that the first aliens implanted in her neck, she's able to understand Craze. He's nice and isn't at all like the other aliens so she trusts him a bit. 

She's given asylum on his planet where Craze tells her he will make sure she is safe and taken care of. Because these two spend so much time together, they end up having feelings for each other and while intimate, Craze brands her as his mate which she isn't sure exactly how she feels about at first. But she really likes him and things seem to be going well until his planet is attacked by the first aliens that abducted Misty. After a bit of a fight, Craze and Misty board a small ship to try and salvage the alien equipment to remove the tracker the other aliens put in her neck but they are again attacked by another ship. This attacker though, comes to a shock to Craze, he wasn't expecting to be attacked by this person. 

They end up stranded on another alien planet where they meet the Mixims, a small, rodent-like creature who have psychic abilities. After scanning Misty's mind and coming to the conclusion that she will mean them no harm, the little creatures make themselves known and communicate with both her and Craze. The implanted translator helped with this so it's a good thing she had it. I have to say that the Mixims were probably one of the best parts of this book, I loved the small furry creatures. If you know me, I'm sure you are so shocked by this, right? *Sarcasm*

The Mixims are technologically advanced and are able to help Misty and Craze get back to his planet so they can deal with the betrayal that left them stranded on the planet in the first place. 

This was such a fun read and the cast of characters were so interesting. Craze and Misty really made for a great couple. I had such a good time with this read. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Discliamer: I received this book for free from the authors website after signing up for her mailing list.