Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Review: Darak by Cara Bristol

Book Description

Revenge is best served sweet with a hot, horned alien.

Free-spirited pastry chef Lexi Sutterman has discovered that true love is pie in the sky. The only thing more difficult than finding an Earth man willing to commit is pleasing her wealthy, hypercritical family who view her as a failure. So she’s given up on both, focusing her energy on her new bakery. Now that her uber successful little sister manages to nab a well-heeled fiancĂ©, Lexi fights back by joining the Intergalactic Dating Agency. She plans to bring a huge, purple, tentacled alien as her plus-one to the wedding.

Darak of planet Dakon isn't purple or tentacled—he’s just seven feet of horned alien hotness. To get a woman on his world, a guy has to literally win the lottery. Tired of waiting for the Fates to send him a female, he joins the dating service to meet a nice Earth girl to call his own. He recognizes Lexi as his true mate, but realizes convincing her they’re meant to be together forever and not just a weekend will be no cake walk.

But when a sweet-tart pastry chef and a horned alien hottie fall in love, everyone might get their just desserts…

* * * *
Dakonian Alien Mail Order Brides is a new science fiction romance series and a spin-off from the Alien Mate series. In the Alien Mate books, Earth women travel to planet Dakon to become the mail order brides of aliens. In this new series, the Dakonians come to Earth through the Intergalactic Dating Agency to find their human mates.

My Review

Lexi was never good enough fr her prim and proper high society mother. Nothing she ever did was good enough so she figured she would show up to her sister's wedding with an alien. When she signed up to the alien dating agency, she thought they would send her some weird looking alien that she could shock her mother with and then send him on his way. Lexi never envisioned that Darak would be gorgeous and nice. After meeting him, she almost calls off the wedding invitation but he comes with her much to her mothers dismay. 

Darak kept getting passed over in the lottery to have a female on Dakon when they came so he decides to travel three months to Earth and hope the dating agency can pair him with his mate. When the dating agency tells him he has a match he goes out with her and knows right away she is his mate but all she wants is a date to her sisters wedding, at least in the beginning.

They travel to her parents house where they stay for several days leading up to the wedding. In that time they get closer and they fall hard for each other. Darak is really likable, he's so attentive and sweet. Lexi is exactly right for him, so when they do decide they're going to do more than kiss, the sparks fly. 

Lexi's sister is a lot nicer than I thought she would be but their mother is just awful. I'm surprised they turned out as well as they did with a mother like her. 

This book had me laughing and smiling throughout. I usually like this authors books but I really liked this one. The characters were great and Lexi and Darak were so great together. 

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.