Saturday, September 01, 2018

Review: Cybot Awakened by Melisse Aires

Book Description

Sabralia lives a lonely but luxurious life in Emperor Sirn's Harem, her only companion is her obedient servant, Qy, a cybot. Her life has largely been controlled by others, but when Sirn demands his Harem pleasure his Commanding Officers at a victory celebration, Sabralia makes a daring plan to hide to avoid rape by Sirn's men. 

The Palace is ambushed and her cybot gets her off world. The impossible has happened-Qy the gentle cybot becomes the man he once was, the warrior Kaistril. Pursued for valuable information, Sabralia is thrust into dangerous, unfamiliar situations where she must stand up to the challenges, or lose the man she loves.

My Review

Let me start by saying that I received this ebook many years ago and left it with others in an email folder. Most of these books were won in blog giveaways. I just recently figured out how to open the attachments of seemingly lost pdf's that wouldn't open because they were years old and am going to read and review all the books that I kept in that folder so some things may have changed or updated from the copy that I have, including the covers.

Sabralia's life was pretty bad even if she had luxuries that some might envy her for. She lived in a harem and when Sirn decides to share her and the other women, she hides on the beach so she isn't passed around to other men against her will. 

QY was Sabralia's personal cybot and helped to get her dressed and ready for parties, banquets as well as tend to some of her other needs. He tends to her while she's hiding from the men at the banquet and reports that something is wrong back at the house. She isn't sure what's going on in there so she decides to go further into the woods and hide until things clear up. But just as something isn't right at the house, something is also wrong with her cybot. His actual name is Kaistril, he was made into a cybot against his will and is just now remembering who he is or was because he hadn't taken the cybot drugs for a while that kept him compliant. 

Something called The Strafe had laid siege to the place they were and had killed everyone. They escape and go on the run. Sabralia doesn't know this man, she knew QY and he's gone now but Kaistril has feelings for her and has no qualms about making sure she knows it. She slowly starts to feel safe around him and can't help but show how much she likes him. He teaches her how to help him on the ship and when they run into some trouble, she's a lot stronger than eve she realized. 

This was a good story and I liked getting to know both of these characters. 

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.