Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just when you think things are looking up...

Just when you think things are looking up and getting back to normal....

Ok, so I didn't have a chair delivered, but I really hate it when things happen that I have no control over. Am I a control freak? Well no, but I don't like unexpected bad things to happen either.

Everything was going good, I'm feeling better. Ken has a cast on his arm that is going to be there until May 19th and it looed like the spray I got is getting rid of the mites my rats had.

Then...I tried to order a movie from Pay per view and it wouldn't let me. I call the cable company and think they can just reboot my dvr and he tells me I haven't paid my bill this month. What? Um..yes I did. But they never got the check.

The mailman strikes again.

I put the cable bill and the telephone bill both out in the outgoing mail at the same time and they didn't get it. So I had to pay for the bill with a check by phone and that cost me an extra $10.00

Now I have to figure out if I should cancel the first check that they never got or not. I am thinking yes, I should, but that's another $30.00 to put a stop payment on a check.

I am thinking about paying all of my bills online but as often as people get hacked..I'm just not sure and what if something happens to my computer? What then? I'm so irritated.